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Better Understand The Tech Labor Market To Unlock Your Labor Strategy

Christopher Gilchrist April 11, 2022
The talent crunch in tech is only going to get worse. Find out how much worse and get a possible solution in this blog.

Adaptive Firms Outperform The Competition

Fiona Mark April 20, 2021
Firms with a strong, adaptive foundation will succeed in an era of unprecedented change by reconfiguring their core business concepts and meeting customers' emerging needs and expectations. Find out how.

Think Local To Stay Ahead Of The Competition

Fiona Mark March 8, 2021
For the last several decades, organizations have been focused on creating solutions that allow them to reach the maximum number of customers with the minimum cost, with a focus on growing global, scalable operations. Cloud computing and reduced complexity in integrating services have enabled tech organizations to support the growing global ambitions of organizations. For […]

GameStop Could Happen To You, So Prepare For It Now

Fiona Mark March 3, 2021
The GameStop incident was not a one-off phenomenon. Tech leaders should heed these five takeaways.