Katie’s story

Working in our Sales team at Forrester is filled with new challenges, bold moves, exciting clients, big achievements, and non-stop learning. So what does that look like in our day-to-day roles? We spoke to Katie Garrett to get a glimpse of life as an Account Manager at Forrester.

Engaging with customers who value what we do

I joined Forrester four years ago after previously working in sales at a start-up that had a revolving door culture. It wasn’t right for me; I knew I wanted to work somewhere that valued their employees. After talking to multiple Forrester employees, it quickly became apparent to me that Forrester was a place to call home — I haven’t looked back since! It’s very common to meet employees that have been here for ten or even twenty years, investing in Forrester and growing their careers, while Forrester invests in them. That’s extremely rare, and I saw that as an obvious testament to how Forrester treats and invests in their employees.

I work as an Account Manager where I support roughly fifteen existing accounts as an extension of their team. Ultimately my goal is to help my clients grow their revenue. I do this by understanding their business, their industry, their competitive landscape, and their ideal customers. As a trusted advisor, I build long-term relationships with tech companies’ senior executives across marketing, product, and sales. I provide ongoing support and help define a path forward by setting them up with the best analysts that cover their space so they can understand the current state of their market, see what’s coming around the corner to anticipate change, and help them make educated smart business decisions that will drive growth. I do this by understanding their content themes, and marketing agendas, co-creating a business plan and strategy to ensure they reach their ideal customers, with content that will resonate, while identifying where Forrester can add value.

What sets Forrester apart is that clients actually want to talk to us: they believe in our product and know we provide value. This makes selling a whole lot easier! I sell multiple intangible products, ideas and solutions while getting the client to renew and purchase enrichment products. It’s rewarding to know that our clients want and need our offering and guidance.

Learning from diverse minded colleagues

I enjoy the autonomy and the relationships I get to build with my clients. In my usual day-to-day, I engage with my clients on our weekly calls talking to them about their content themes, growth goals, and challenges. When I’m not on calls with clients I’m connecting with other people within the ecosystem. I often connect with analysts to get more in-depth understanding of a market, and brainstorm best practices and get their recommendations on strategies. I also learn a lot from the people I work with, which helps us be bold, together.

Being a trusted advisor to strong emerging tech companies

At Forrester, you’re in the driver’s seat to your success, as you get the freedom to build relationships in a way that works for you and customize the way you engage with your clients to what best suits them. This elevates you to do work you’re proud of.

I’m proud of being a trusted advisor to a roster of tech companies. I’ve helped develop my smaller clients with their growth strategies and be an eyewitness to them achieving their growth targets and their success which is really rewarding.

Be a sponge for knowledge

Success is here for anyone who wants it, you’ll need grit, determination, discipline, and a sincere desire to help your clients. I’m competitive but I’m also a people person who enjoys building relationships and helping customers to transform their business. There’s so much to learn here at Forrester, so be a sponge for knowledge and be curious. The support is here for you to reach your best.

I really value our leadership. Forrester pours into its leadership, so our leaders pour into their people. My career goals are to eventually transition to support our enterprise accounts. I know that Forrester will provide me with all the tools and resources needed to reach my ambitions.

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