Get Stakeholders Excited About CX

Effective customer experience (CX) management means getting stakeholders and influencers on board with your goals. These parties are instrumental in helping grow the CX function’s influence and winning financial buy-in for your priorities.

But how can you engage these team players with your aims and outcomes? The secret lies in knowing how to fight the tides and being able to tie CX to business growth and align leadership around customer value.

Watch this webinar to hear valuable analyst insight into proven ways that CX leaders can get stakeholders excited about CX. In this webinar, you will gather CX management tips and advice and learn:

  • How to get stakeholders focused on CX.
  • Why money is a weak motivator for CX advocacy.
  • Which CX metrics to measure — and how to get them.
  • The CX change that UPS made to boost operating profit by 57%.

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