Predictions 2021

A Complimentary Forrester Online Event

The events of 2020 have fundamentally changed the business landscape. In the wake of this disruption, new ways of working will emerge and new customer realities will redefine your priorities. How will these changes impact your firm’s trajectory, and how can you maneuver to gain a competitive edge?

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In this complimentary webinar hosted by Senior Vice President Sharyn Leaver, you’ll discover the critical business trends that will emerge in 2021. Discover why:

  • Smart brands will adopt a systematic approach to CX.
  • A third of firms will blend business and IT leadership roles.
  • Winning CMOs will jump in with their teams and “do the dirty work.”
  • Top talent will seek out businesses with anywhere-work policies, as remote work stabilizes at 300% of pre-pandemic levels.

60 minutes

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