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The FTC Rule Banning Noncompetes Is An EX Opportunity

David Johnson April 30, 2024
The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently released a proposed final ruling banning employers from executing noncompete agreements for nearly all employees — excepting only “senior executives” — and requiring them to notify employees that they’re no longer bound by existing noncompetes. Find out why this could be a unique EX opportunity.

Are You Ready For Collaboration By Design?

David Johnson January 3, 2023
Knowing collaboration is important isn’t the same as knowing how to foster it. Leaders need to understand the psychological factors.

Glint Expands Microsoft Viva’s Offering

David Johnson February 17, 2022
Today, Microsoft announced that it will move Glint, the employee experience (EX) survey vendor acquired by its LinkedIn subsidiary in 2018, to the now one-year-old Viva organization. This is a good move, important for Microsoft customers and their EX initiatives. It also comes with significant implications that leaders should understand when deciding how to move […]

Microsoft Viva Disrupts Today’s EX Operating System

David Johnson March 22, 2021
In February, Microsoft announced Viva, its platform for employee experience (EX). We believe the solution will significantly shape the EX technology landscape as the EX operating system. Microsoft is making progress toward several important aspects of EX with this announcement, but most importantly: Bring together non-survey and survey-based sources of data about EX. This will […]

Predictions 2021: Remote Work, Automation, And HR Tech Will Flourish

David Johnson October 29, 2020
Employee experience in 2021 will be defined by long-term remote work and crisis management. Success will depend on the strength of an organization's employee experience strategy and technology investments. Learn more.

Help Your Employees Adapt To The Post-Pandemic “Adjusted Normal”

James L. McQuivey, PhD June 12, 2020
We’ve pulled together a collection of Forrester's research that will aid our clients in supporting their employees in this “adjusted normal” and maintain employee engagement.

FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

Emily Collins March 30, 2020
Learn From Charter’s Mistake: COVID-19 Is A Meaningful Moment For Employees Two weeks ago, news outlets reported that Charter CEO Tom Rutledge sent a memo to employees reiterating that despite the growing COVID-19 outbreak, he expected all employees to continue to report to the office. An engineer who took issue with the policy and sent an email to executives and other engineers questioning the policy resigned shortly thereafter. Although the company has since amended its […]

Forrester’s EX Index Reveals What Other Surveys Don’t

David Johnson March 23, 2020
Most engagement surveys in the industry focus on a broad set of factors set against the employee lifecycle, from onboarding to offboarding. They don’t provide enough insight into employees’ daily journeys — especially in terms of how various technology-related factors affect knowledge workers’ engagement. Our survey does. And for this year, we also added a […]

FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

Brigitte Majewski September 4, 2019
An Oklahoma court ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $571M for involvement in “false, misleading, and dangerous marketing campaigns” that contributed to the state’s opioid crisis. Here’s both a risk and brand perspective on why business leaders should care. J&J Shares Recover — But Its Reputation May Not Our Security & Risk Analysts Alla Valente […]

New CEO Pledge Opens A Big Door For EX Improvement

David Johnson September 2, 2019
Last week, Business Roundtable issued new guidance on the role of corporations, as it has periodically since 1978. This revision was significant for employee experience (EX) improvement efforts because, for the first time, employees are included as “important stakeholders” in the language. Each version of that document issued since 1997 has stated that corporations exist […]

How CIOs Can Internally Drive Their Shift To #DigitalTransformation Driver

James Staten July 18, 2019
As a CIO, you play a crucial role in digital transformation. But the wider business may not recognize your contributors. Are you ready to fix that? Learn how.

The Employee Experience Index

David Johnson February 27, 2019
Six years ago, I noticed a pattern in the inquiry calls I was fielding from clients. At the time, many of them centered around things like BYOD, whether to take away local admin rights from PCs, and other decisions driven by escalating fears of security or compliance risks. If I was able to answer their […]

Introducing Forrester’s Guide To Employee Experience Technology

Andrew Hewitt February 14, 2019
Employee experience (EX) is top of mind for today’s companies. As we detailed in our report “Why EX? Why Now?” investments in EX yield both tangible and intangible business results such as reduced recruiting costs, lower attrition, higher employee work performance, and increased discretionary effort. The question still remains, though: What elements should businesses focus […]

FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

Matthew Guarini February 13, 2019
Lessons From Toy Land: Digital Strategy Beats Digital Marketing Mattel and Hasbro announced earnings this week. Both saw sales decline from the collapse of Toys”R”Us. But Mattel’s sales declined only 5% while Hasbro’s declined 13%, and Wall Street applauded the difference. Why? Because Mattel has been aggressively pursuing a digital products and channels strategy, extending […]

Four Vendors Lead in The Forrester Wave: Enterprise Mobility Management, Q4 2017

David Johnson December 21, 2017
Our recently released Forrester Wave: Enterprise Mobility Management, Q4 2017 uses 26 criteria to evaluate the top 13 mobility management solutions on the market today. Unlike in year’s past, this year’s analysis reveals that a unified approach to device and app management is now feasible. Organizations looking to improve employee experience and simplify management can […]

Why High Performance People Need High Performance Technology

David Johnson April 2, 2016
My colleagues and I have spent the last four years studying the links between technology, human performance at work, customer experience, and the financial performance of companies. One fascinating insight we’ve learned is that what separates the highest performing people in their work from others is their ability to reliably focus their attention, bringing more […]

Graduate-Level I&O Course: Use Customer Experience Insights To Unshackle Employee Potential

David Johnson October 16, 2015
Enough of the platitudes about the virtues of being customer-centric, and the feel-good mantras about listening to customers. Everyone listens to their customers, but that’s not the same thing as operating like you do. Listening and understanding are hard enough in our interrupt-driven business world, but listening, deeply understanding and doing the right things…almost every […]

Forrester’s Server-Hosted Virtual Desktop (VDI) Wave Reveals Two Vendors Lead The Pack

David Johnson September 18, 2015
With server-hosted virtual desktops (VDI), you take something that used to be a few centimeters from someone's fingertips – their Windows desktop – and move it sometimes thousands of miles away, and you expect them to be okay with that. It’s possible, but choose your technology vendor wisely, because the project’s success will hinge on […]

Is Your Company A Place Where Employees Grow And Thrive, Or Wither And Leave?

David Johnson May 18, 2015
As Forrester's Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) proves, the key determiner of a company's success is customer satisfaction. We can also prove that there is a strong correlation between employee satisfaction and customer perception and opinion, which is more pronounced with those employees who have a greater impact on your customers. To improve customer satisfaction, […]

2015 Will See The Rise Of Human Science And Technology Convergence

David Johnson November 5, 2014
At the leading edge of every employee-led workplace technology revolution is usually a handful of motivated people who are constantly experimenting with tools and technologies to improve their work. In the early ‘90s, millions mastered the venerable PC and especially Microsoft Excel – partly because for the first time they could quickly collect and process […]
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