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Your Predictions Questions Answered: Leveraging GenAI Successfully

Laura Ramos February 22, 2024
During Forrester’s Predictions 2024 webinar, we received a lot of great questions about how generative AI might affect customer-facing functions such as marketing, customer experience, and sales. Check out our answers.

Predictions 2024: Exploration Generates Progress

Sharyn Leaver October 24, 2023
Our message to clients for 2024 is simple: Don’t wait. Read Predictions 2024 to discover why you need to move on genAI now, plus our takes on dozens of other critical topics.

Anti-Predictions: Here’s What Won’t Happen In 2024

Sharyn Leaver October 11, 2023
Before our full predictions for 2024 launch on Tuesday, October 24, read our “anti-predictions.” Here’s what won’t happen in 2024.

Nos prévisions pour 2023 étaient-elles correctes ?

Sharyn Leaver 20 Septembre 2023
Découvrez quelles prévisions Forrester se sont réalisées, et lesquelles ne se sont pas concrétisées en 2023.

Waren unsere Prognosen für 2023 zutreffend?

Sharyn Leaver 20 September 2023
Wir haben mutige Prognosen für 2023 gestellt. Sind sie wahr geworden? Entdecken Sie die Genauigkeit der Forrester Prognosen 2023, während wir uns auf die Prognosen 2024 vorbereiten.

Were Our Predictions For 2023 Correct?

Sharyn Leaver September 20, 2023
We made bold calls for 2023. Did they come true? Discover the accuracy of Forrester's Predictions 2023. And get a first peek at what we'll cover in our 2024 predictions.

2024 Annual Planning: Don’t Let Caution Become Complacency

Sharyn Leaver August 1, 2023
A precarious economy has tempered business and technology leaders' budget expectations. But now is not the time to retreat. Our 2024 planning guides advise on where to invest and experiment for success.

Align Around Your Customers To Power Growth In Today’s Economic Climate

Sharyn Leaver February 21, 2023
Outdated, short-term growth strategies that focus on extracting value from customers will fail. To succeed, companies must build, run, and continually optimize a customer-obsessed growth engine.

Forecasting The Future: Five Seismic Shifts That We Saw Coming

Sharyn Leaver December 20, 2022
As Forrester approaches its 40th anniversary, we reflect on a few of the monumental changes that we correctly predicted.

Predictions 2023: Fortune Favors The Bold (And Focused)

Sharyn Leaver October 25, 2022
Forrester’s Predictions 2023 is here. Discover how smart business leaders can weather 2023’s uncertainty and thrive. Read insights now.

Did Our Predictions For 2022 Come True?

Sharyn Leaver September 27, 2022
We made bold predictions for 2022. We weighed in on edge computing, CX, B2B marketing, cybersecurity, and more. Discover which predictions came true and which ones missed the mark as we prepare for Predictions 2023.

The Keys To 2023 Planning? Discipline And Precision

Sharyn Leaver August 23, 2022
Volatility will complicate planning for the coming year, but an intentional approach to investments and cuts will help businesses succeed.

As The Abortion Debate Ramps Up, Companies Must Support The Diverse Needs Of Their Employees And Customers

Katy Tynan May 10, 2022
The Supreme Court’s leaked draft opinion on Roe v. Wade has intensified calls for brands to respond to the abortion debate. But your primary focus should be on your employees and your customers.

Call For Entries: Forrester Awards 2022

Sharyn Leaver April 25, 2022
The Forrester Awards 2022 program will recognize leaders and their organizations for excellence in technology strategy and in enterprise architecture that drives an obsession with customer success and business growth.

Predictions 2022: This Is A Year To Be Bold

Sharyn Leaver October 26, 2021


How Accurate Were Our Predictions For 2021?

Sharyn Leaver September 30, 2021
As we prepare to kick off Predictions 2022 on Tuesday, October 26, we reviewed our predictions for 2021. The punchline: We got it mostly right. And we missed a few too. Here’s a look at the biggest hits and misses from our predictions for 2021.

Predictions 2021: Technology And Customer Obsession Help Firms Emerge From Crisis Mode

Sharyn Leaver October 15, 2020
It has never been more important for organizations to anticipate change, strengthen resilience, and become truly customer obsessed. Heading into 2021, technology — both new and existing — will help firms achieve these aims and emerge from the crisis on sound footing.

Predictions 2020: Answers To Your Questions

Sharyn Leaver February 12, 2020
Forrester thought leaders weigh in on the meaning of CX, where IT automation is headed, and more.

Predictions 2020: Potential Energy Becomes Real Change

Sharyn Leaver October 28, 2019
Forces ranging from consumer values to automation to security will shape the business landscape in the year ahead. Leaders will be challenged to anticipate change and adapt.

Tech-Driven Innovation: The Inevitable And Revolutionary Future Of IT

Sharyn Leaver January 30, 2019
Technology has changed virtually everything: the way we work, the way we live, the way we play, and, at a basic level, how humans relate to each other. On the business front, it has fueled the power shift from institutions to customers, powered the emergence of startups and super-scaled platforms that are undercutting and remaking […]
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