Predictions 2022 For Technology Leaders

Hear how AI, cloud, automation, and edge computing will create tech alchemy in 2022 

In 2022, trends in AI, cloud computing, automation, and edge computing are about to come together in ways that will open the door to new tech innovations that can supercharge your business ... if you’re ready. 

You’ll only hear about this from Forrester because it’s a vision of “what’s next” based on Forrester’s historically accurate Predictions research. Watch this webinar and you’ll hear unique insights from the analysts who have developed our technology predictions, including: 

  • The new ways cloud computing will transform our global economy (think “planet-scale”). 
  • What will happen with scope 3 emissions, thanks to edge and internet-of-things advances. 
  • Why the “automation fabric” will be the next step in your automation process. 
  • The causes and impacts of explosive growth in responsible AI solutions. 

Each of these trends will offer its own value to tech leaders. Combined, that value will be multiplied. Watch this webinar to learn how to capture it all. 

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45 minutes

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