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Will RPA Platforms Remain Relevant? AI Agents May Hold The Answer.

Craig Le Clair April 26, 2024
How will RPA platforms stay relevant in an era of generative AI? Get six ways and a detailed timeline of the of the progression of automation tools in this post.

Predictions 2024: Automation Influenced By LLMs, Regulators, And Enterprise App Vendors

Craig Le Clair October 26, 2023
In 2024, firms will surge ahead with automation initiatives, fueled by new AI enthusiasm. Learn more in our 2024 automation predictions.

Amazon’s Unleashed Android Robots In The Warehouse: Will We Get Along?

Craig Le Clair October 24, 2023
Is the warehouse ready for Amazon's new service robots Sequoia and Digit? A new Forrester report provides some insight.

The Results Are In: Insights From Forrester’s 2023 Global Digital Process Automation Survey

Craig Le Clair September 15, 2023
Our 2023 digital process automation survey shows orgs paused digital transformation work but increased focus on process intelligence while process optimization has broadened. Learn more.

The Robots Are Not Coming — They Are Already Here: The Future Of Physical Automation Will Be People-Driven

Craig Le Clair May 31, 2023
Physical automation is sneaking into many workplaces and customer experiences. Learn more about the trends that will drive adoption of 10 critical physical automation categories.

The 2023 Digital Process Automation Survey: Call For Survey Participation

Craig Le Clair May 9, 2023
Each year, Forrester conducts a survey on digital process automation (DPA) and publishes a report based on the results. In keeping with this tradition, we are excited to announce that we are currently fielding our latest survey. Implementing process automation is an increasingly critical goal for many Forrester clients. DPA platforms develop sophisticated process applications […]

Autonomous Workplace Assistants Get A Boost From Generative AI

Craig Le Clair April 18, 2023
Learn how the emerging technology of generative AI could change autonomous workplace assistants.

Predictions 2023: Economic Uncertainty Slows Some Automation Trends

Craig Le Clair October 27, 2022


Random Acts Of Automation: 10 Pitfalls We Must Avoid

Craig Le Clair August 22, 2022
The trend toward automation is not new. The Industrial Revolution started it in the 19th century, but there has never been such rapid automation progress as today. All forms have accelerated, often without understanding their effect. Humans have become choke points in operations, points of disease and legal liability, and friction to smooth digital pathways, […]

Forrester To Launch The Frontline Service Worker Automation Series

Craig Le Clair August 16, 2022
Forrester's forthcoming series looks at categories of automation that directly effects frontline service workers and dives into the challenges, successes, and best practice guidance.

Robot Waiters Will Be Serving You Soon

Craig Le Clair July 25, 2022
I haven’t (yet) eaten her culinary delights, but Raymone Williams gave me a bit of her time to talk robots. She is the owner of the Tastee Spoon, a Caribbean (Jamaican) restaurant and food truck serving up original cuisine in Atlanta. If you’re busy and want to skip the rest of the blog, here’s the […]

Avoid Random Acts Of Automation

Craig Le Clair May 13, 2022
Learn how to assess your automation decisions for maximum impact.

Predictions 2022: The Pandemic’s Wake Drives Automation Trends

Craig Le Clair October 28, 2021


Blue Prism Angling To Merge With TIBCO

Craig Le Clair September 30, 2021
Private equity firm Vista Equity Partners  announced it’s intention to acquire robotic process automation (RPA) software company Blue Prism. Subject to shareholder approval, it plans to merge Blue Prism into TIBCO Software, which it already owns. Forrester’s automation team took a look at this potential merger and had the following thoughts. Our consensus is “thumbs-up.” A […]

ServiceNow Buys Intellibot

Craig Le Clair March 24, 2021
ServiceNow just announced that it plans to purchase Intellibot and add to its integration and process capabilities. As we predicted in 2020 (graphic below) the major low-code and cloud vendors are starting to move into the robotic process automation (RPA) market. The 2022 snapshot shows cloud low-code vendors such as ServiceNow and specialized domain-focused cloud […]

Predictions 2021: Automation Becomes A Business Imperative

Craig Le Clair October 22, 2020
In less than a year automation moved from a long-term goal to a short-term necessity. Find out what Forrester predicts for the automation market in 2021.

RPA And Test Automation Are More Friends Than Foes

Diego Lo Giudice May 20, 2020
If robotic process automation was not on your company’s roadmap before COVID-19, it likely is now to reduce costs, conduct remote business, and improve resiliency.

Microsoft Strengthens Its RPA Portfolio With Softomotive Acquisition

Craig Le Clair May 19, 2020
Vice President and Principal Analyst Craig Le Clair reviews the three key benefits Microsoft will gain from its acquisition of robotic process automation provider Softomotive.

Appian Jumps Into RPA Market With Jidoka Purchase

Craig Le Clair January 9, 2020
Appian will acquire native robotic process automation (RPA) capability with the purchase of Jidoka, which will be rebranded “Appian RPA.” It will be an additionally priced feature of the Appian Cloud platform. For 5K a month, enterprises can build as many robots as they need. Relatively small, with 25 employees, Jidoka clients are mostly unattended […]

UiPath Layoffs Have Little To Do With The RPA Market

Craig Le Clair October 24, 2019
UiPath has reduced its workforce by several hundred employees.[i] The business has grown at an incredible pace, as have several other providers such as Automation Anywhere. Overall, there is nothing we see that indicates a flattening or slowing of robotic process automation (RPA’s) growth. The layoffs have more to do with the challenges of scaling […]
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