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When The Regulator Comes Knocking, Will You Have Your AI House In Order?

Michele Goetz July 18, 2023
The US Federal Trade Commission is officially investigating OpenAI. Learn how you can mitigate your risk exposure by addressing the eight areas of interest outlined in the FTC request.

The White House Puts Its Money Where Its AI Is — Enterprises Need To Act Now

Michele Goetz May 9, 2023
As regulators, courts, and even the White House scrutinize generative AI ethics, learn five things your AI governance programs should be addressing today.

Google’s Virtual Assistant Plans Signal A Market Shift In Conversational AI

Michele Goetz April 5, 2023
Learn why recent news about Google virtual assistant signals a tipping point for large language model users.

NIST AI Risk Management Framework 1.0 — What It Means For Enterprises

Michele Goetz February 7, 2023
Forrester provides guidance on how to succeed with AI governance with the NIST’s AI RMF 1.0.

r/LeopardsAteMyFace: The Decommissioning Of AI

Michele Goetz January 20, 2023
In the face of economic uncertainty, are AI models too costly? Increased ML deployment means higher cloud costs. But price alone or as a primary metric should not be a key determinant of the machine-learning lifecycle. Put a strategy and audit program in place to continuously optimize AI outcomes across outcomes and cost.

Data Mesh In 2023 And Beyond

Michele Goetz December 2, 2022
Clarity, challenges, and opportunities are all part of our 2023 predictions for data mesh.

Exposing The Data Mesh Blind Side

Michele Goetz October 3, 2022
Avoiding the technical aspects of data perpetuates the ivory tower of data strategy and committees without generating business results. Learn how a data mesh can help.

How To Join The Connected World With Data And AI

Michele Goetz September 14, 2022
Are your data and AI foundations ready to make the most of the connected intelligence future? Find out in this sneak peek of our upcoming Data Strategy & Insights event.

Get AI Right With AI Service Providers

Aaron Katz September 13, 2022
AI can deliver value, but getting it right is a challenge. We’ve seen AI deployed successfully, like the program that discovered 20,000 undeclared pools, and less successfully, like the computer-generated rapper that was dropped by its record label over racist stereotypes. To apply AI successfully, you not only need to get the data and modeling […]

Data Into Dollars: Can You Turn Your Data Into Revenue?

Aaron Katz June 2, 2022
Forrester's research shows that advanced insights-driven businesses were 8.5 times more likely to report at least 20% revenue growth in 2021.

Community Is The Kinetic Potential Of AI

Michele Goetz May 10, 2022
Artificial intelligence communities are taking hold. These communities are more than networking or hacker zones.

Take The Confusion Out Of Data Mesh

Michele Goetz December 10, 2021
Five factors to help you quickly scale insights-driven solutions and simplify the integration of data with applications.

Le Futur De La Data Governance

Michele Goetz 10 Juin 2021
Une gouvernance des données efficace résulte de la maturité de la gestion des données. Découvrez comment procéder.

Why Wait? The Future Of Data Is Now

Michele Goetz September 28, 2020
Insanity is sometimes defined as repeating the same action over and over and expecting a different result. The future of data breaks this cycle to be your vaccine for chaos.

Data Governance For 2020 And Beyond

Michele Goetz June 10, 2020
Companies have short attention spans when it comes to data governance. Even for organizations with sustained programs, the continuous push and pull of new regulations, projects, or data and analytics investments create constant disruption. To address these expansions, data owners either search for the simple approach or reeducate on data governance 101. Here is the […]

Artificial Intelligence Is Dumb Without The Elasticity Quotient

Michele Goetz June 2, 2020
The elasticity quotient can help overcome machine learning hurdles by acting as the economic indicator for the C-suite. Learn how.

COVID-19 Didn’t Break Your Business — Data Did

Michele Goetz May 27, 2020
A defining factor for enterprises and governments throughout the pandemic has been the extent to which they've embraced and been led by data.

Run Your Business At The Speed Of Thought

Michele Goetz September 26, 2019
AI is becoming more empathetic and customer-centric. The future is closer than you think. Are you ready?

Is There A Single-Source Provider For Data Management? Not Yet

Michele Goetz April 2, 2019
Architects can, and do, choose a primary cloud service provider and/or Hadoop system to house their data. Moving, transforming, cataloging, and governing data is a different story, so architects come to me after throwing up their arms searching for solutions to tame the information fabric, thinking they must be missing something: “Isn’t there a single […]

AI Creates The CRISPR For Corporate DNA

Michele Goetz March 1, 2019
Every company has a specific DNA. You may think DNA is the brand or values. But corporate DNA is what makes a company tick, not what the company is. Talent, operations, technology, and data make up your base pairs. How those combine will have a specific outcome for the business, and even the overall sequence […]
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