Strategy Insights For Marketing Leaders

Discover how to build an effective marketing strategy

Can you reliably match your marketing strategy to critical business goals? Do you truly understand the difference between a strategy and a plan? Are you able to achieve necessary alignment with your sales and product peers? Are you confident about your next steps?

Discover how the Marketing Strategy Compass will help


Insights from our CMO study: Lessons from the pandemic

Use these “what worked” insights from our 2021 Global Marketing CMO Survey to help lead post-COVID growth.

Revealed: Research-based guidance for marketing leaders from 500 peers

Use marketing insights from our CMO survey to chart your path to growth

Which trends will most influence your strategy for the next two years? Read results from our new survey.


Avoid four common mistakes that can derail your marketing strategy

Read this blog to learn how marketing leaders like you sabotage strategy development and how to get it right.

Here’s how marketing leaders can deliver the certainty CEOs demand

Avoid short-term, non-strategic thinking. Read How B2B CMOs Can Respond To Their CEOs’ Need For Certainty.

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For marketing success, connect your strategy and annual plan

Success comes from a long-term strategic vision and an annual marketing plan to make the vision real.

Don’t let day-to-day tasks distract you from long-term strategy goals

Use our calendar to organize strategy and planning and keep your goals in sight, no matter how busy you are.

Take a better approach to marketing strategy. Use a Compass

Use our Compass to build functional alignment, craft a long-term strategy, and empower your team to act on it.


Need a better approach to marketing strategy? Start here

See how to build and execute B2B marketing strategies that simplify planning and drive great business results.


The right B2B marketing strategy doesn’t start with marketing

Watch this video and see why your strategy should start with alignment between marketing, sales, and product.


Can you confidently build a 3-year marketing strategy? Yes, you can

See how the Marketing Strategy Compass enables you to confidently develop a clear, integrated, actionable 3–5-year marketing strategy.

Give your marketing team the freedom of a grounded strategy

See how the Marketing Strategy Compass empowers your team to succeed.

Your functional marketing leaders often operate without understanding the bigger picture: “What is our company trying to do, and why?” As a result, strategy and planning decisions are just as often not aligned to real company goals, so your marketing is less effective and relevant.

Watch this video to discover how executing the first two levels of the Marketing Strategy Compass will prepare your functional leaders to:

  • Clearly understand how they need to support the shared destination you helped establish.
  • Make better decisions about priorities, team development, investments, and more.
  • Operate with more speed, confidence, and impact.
Case Study

Case study: how to reliably build a 3-to-5-year marketing strategy

See how you can simplify your marketing strategy process and reliably produce more effective outcomes.


How to avoid early disconnects that can doom your marketing strategy


Forrester Decisions: A simplified service for a complex world

Hundreds of marketing execs told us what they need from a research partner. Forrester Decisions delivers it.