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Discover how to build an effective marketing strategy

Can you reliably match your marketing strategy to critical business goals? Do you truly understand the difference between a strategy and a plan? Are you able to achieve necessary alignment with your sales and product peers? Are you confident about your next steps?

Find research-based answers to your questions and challenges.


Discover marketing’s new purpose and how to embrace it

Are you ready to step up to B2B Marketing's new destiny?

Six insights to strengthen B2B marketing strategy

Forrester’s Marketing Survey revealed insights that can help B2B marketing leaders strengthen their marketing strategy.

Presumed innovative until proven guilty

B2B Marketing leaders must build a sustained competency for continuous innovation.

The innovation imperative for B2B marketers

Find your marketing happy place with this on-demand webinar.


Explore six vital mindset shifts for B2B marketing leaders

How confident are you in your ability to take B2B marketing to the next level? The role of the marketing executive is changing as transformation accelerates.

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It’s time more CMOs gained a seat at the corporate strategy table

Learn how to bring more confidence to your strategy process and get it right.


Avoid four common mistakes that can derail your marketing strategy

Learn how to bring more confidence to your strategy process and get it right.

Don’t let day-to-day tasks distract you from long-term strategy goals

Use our monthly checkpoints to keep your marketing strategy and planning on track.


For success, root your annual plan in your 3-year marketing strategy

Success comes from a long-term strategic vision and an annual marketing plan to make the vision real.

The customer obsession balancing act for B2B firms

When it comes to customer obsession, more isn’t always better. Analysts Amy Bills and Nick Buck explain on this podcast why customer obsession means finding a balance.


Take a better approach to marketing strategy. Use a Compass

Learn how our Marketing Strategy Compass can reliably guide you to greater marketing performance.


Need a better approach to marketing strategy? Start here

Use the Marketing Strategy Compass. Be confident your marketing actually matters to your business.


See the power of connecting your marketing strategy and plan

If you struggle to connect your marketing strategy to planning and execution, watch Marketing Strategy And Planning to find your marketing happy place with this on-demand webinar.

Case Study

Case study: how to reliably build a 3-to-5-year marketing strategy

See how you can simplify your marketing strategy process and reliably produce more effective outcomes.


Forrester Decisions: A simplified service for a complex world

Hundreds of marketing execs told us what they need from a research partner. Forrester Decisions delivers it.

Give your marketing team the freedom of a grounded strategy

See how the Marketing Strategy Compass empowers your team to succeed.

Your functional marketing leaders often operate without understanding the bigger picture: “What is our company trying to do, and why?” As a result, strategy and planning decisions are just as often not aligned to real company goals, so your marketing is less effective and relevant.


Watch this video to discover how executing the first two levels of the Marketing Strategy Compass will prepare your functional leaders to:

  • Clearly understand how they need to support the shared destination you helped establish.
  • Make better decisions about priorities, team development, investments, and more.
  • Operate with more speed, confidence, and impact.