Through The Looking Glass: Tech Priorities And Outlook For 2023

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Duration: 60 mins

Like Alice’s Looking-Glass, the world in which tech leaders operate appears to have been turned upside down. Whether it is the ceaseless parade of new globally systemic shocks, the blistering speed of disruption from generative AI, or the ever-looming existential threat posed by climate change, today’s global tech environment is unrecognizable.

Despite this unsettling reality, technology executives must move tech priorities forward with the ability to make pragmatic, evidence-based decisions. Forrester analysts can show you how to put your tech challenges and opportunities into clear focus.

Join this webinar featuring a panel of APAC Technology Research team. They will share insights from Forrester’s Priorities Survey 2023, APAC Tech Market Outlook for 2023 – 2028, and key trends you should know – or ignore in 2023.

We will provide guidance to help tech leaders clarify their IT priorities, actions, and investments and get answers to questions like:

  • What are the top priorities driving business outcomes?
  • How is the tech market likely to behave?
  • What are the practical ways to apply emerging technology and trends to real-world problems?
  • How can technology operating models be changed to meet these competing forces?

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