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Tech Spending In Asia Pacific: A Steady Rise To 6.4% Growth In 2024

Leslie Joseph June 10, 2024
Tech spending in the Asia Pacific region is set to increase by 6.4% to reach reach US$710 billion in 2024. Over the next few years, software spending will continue its rapid growth, followed by spend on IT services, communications equipment, and computer equipment.

Presenting The First Forrester Report On AI Foundation Models For APAC

Charlie Dai May 5, 2024
Foundation models are the basis of the generative AI revolution. Acquiring foundation models from external providers will soon become the norm. Here is an APAC-focused view of AI foundation models.

Build Your GenAI Strategy On A Rock-Solid Foundation (Model)

Rowan Curran April 16, 2024
The market for AI foundation models is still in its infancy. While enterprises still rely mostly on pretrained large language models for AI needs, the market is evolving and changing quickly. Tech leaders must understand how to navigate it.

Microsoft Unbundling Teams From Microsoft 365 Is Just A Sneaky Price Hike

Leslie Joseph April 8, 2024
Microsoft announced recently that it was unbundling Teams from its various Microsoft 365 plans worldwide. Find out what is actually changing and what it means for customers, regulators, and Microsoft.

Navigating The Digital Whirlwind: The Asia Pacific Tech Market Is Poised For 5.8% Growth Amid Economic Flux

Leslie Joseph June 5, 2023
The tide of COVID-19 has finally receded. As Asia’s economies repopulate the global economic shoreline, they find the beach littered with new opportunities and new threats. Not even half a year in, 2023 already feels like a pivotal year between two eras of digitization. As 2023 progresses, the Asia Pacific technology market is a cauldron […]

Announcing Updates To The Forrester Wave™ Evaluations Covering Automation Services

Leslie Joseph February 16, 2023
We are announcing changes to our Forrester Wave™ evaluations focused on the automation services market to better represent the rise of automation fabrics and the changing role of systems integrators, consultancies, advisory firms, and specialist services vendors in this space.

Meet Two Schrödinger’s Cats, Web3 And The Metaverse, At Technology & Innovation APAC In Sydney

Leslie Joseph October 11, 2022
This Technology & Innovation APAC, come listen to Sam Higgins and I talk about two Schrödinger’s cats in today’s tech ecosystem. First up: Web3. Some believe that Web3 will change the World Wide Web as we know it by giving users more control over their data and identities, ushering in better incentive structures for creators […]

Chief Automation Officers Are The Answer … But What Is The Question?

Leslie Joseph July 21, 2022
Much of the current discourse around the role is marked by nonspecificity of purpose. Our new research uncovers some of the key considerations.

A Unified String Theory For Automation: Part 1, Transformation

Leslie Joseph October 18, 2021
In June this year, I coined the term “automation fabric” to describe emerging trends in the automation world. I wrote a report about it (see Automation Is The New Fabric For Digital Business). Since then, the trends that I pointed out have only been accelerating. In this two-part blog post, I wanted to outline my […]

Blue Prism Angling To Merge With TIBCO

Craig Le Clair September 30, 2021
Private equity firm Vista Equity Partners  announced it’s intention to acquire robotic process automation (RPA) software company Blue Prism. Subject to shareholder approval, it plans to merge Blue Prism into TIBCO Software, which it already owns. Forrester’s automation team took a look at this potential merger and had the following thoughts. Our consensus is “thumbs-up.” A […]

Announcing The Forrester Wave™: Insights-Driven Business Process Outsourcing, Q4 2020

Leslie Joseph December 2, 2020
Buyer demand for greater value from insights and technology such as RPA, data science, machine learning, and advanced analytics are forcing both classical BPO and omnichannel BPO vendors to retool themselves into insights-driven BPO's.

Asia Pacific: The Future Of Work Is Now

Leslie Joseph July 27, 2020
Dramatic changes in consumer behavior and disruption in the workplace have driven firms in the Asia-Pacific region to speed up their digital plans. Analyst Leslie Joseph provides insight on expediting your digital transformation.

Use These First Principles To Succeed With Robotic Process Automation In 2020

Leslie Joseph June 1, 2020
Let’s just say that one measure of the hype that surrounds any emerging technology is the amount of new (and largely superfluous) jargon that it generates. The Enterprise Automation Market Needs Pragmatic Advice The market for robotic process automation (RPA) has been in hyper growth for a while now. RPA and its extension into intelligent […]

COVID-19, Automation, And You

Leslie Joseph May 11, 2020
The COVID-19 crisis has accelerated automation adoption, not just as a cost measure, but also for risk mitigation and business resiliency.

A Roundup Of Key Machine-Learning Announcements From AWS re:Invent

Leslie Joseph December 4, 2019
For data science practitioners, machine learning developers or insights-driven business leaders, here are the key announcements from Amazon's AWS re:invent 2019 show that you should care about.

The Forrester Wave™: Robotic Process Automation Services, Q4 2019 Is Here!

Leslie Joseph October 15, 2019
The hype around robotic process automation (RPA) continues unabated, as does the hypergrowth. I am happy to announce the availability of the first-ever Forrester Wave™ evaluation of RPA services. Forrester clients can read the report here. The RPA market has shown some interesting trends of late: As Craig Le Clair and I established earlier this […]

Machine Learning Takes To The Cloud

Leslie Joseph October 2, 2019
Machine learning continues to disrupt and democratize itself. Announcing two new Forrester reports that describe the popularity of running machine learning pipelines and workloads in the public cloud, in North America and in Asia Pacific.

Service Providers Begin To Get With The New Dynamic At Microsoft

Leslie Joseph May 21, 2019
For the first time in its existence, Microsoft is pulling together all of its capabilities to encircle the enterprise and become more than the sum of its parts.

The Automation We Need Is Not The Automation We Deserve

Leslie Joseph November 2, 2018
At its TechEd 2018 Barcelona event last month, SAP announced that it is adding robotic process automation (RPA) to its software suite, starting in early 2019. Two aspects of this announcement are particularly interesting. The first is that SAP has chosen to build its own RPA capability instead of partnering with any of the existing […]

A Reality Check On Natural Language For Conversational Computing

Leslie Joseph August 7, 2018
Conversational computing has our attention. We have been talking to machines since as far back as 1961, when the world’s first digital speech recognition system, the IBM Shoebox, was released. The Shoebox could recognize digits and a grand total of 16 words. Cut to half a century later: Humanity is trying hard to fall in […]
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