The Future Workplace: Top Considerations for Technology Leaders in Europe

A Complimentary Forrester Webinar

The pandemic has brought significant changes for technology leaders, organisations are dealing with shifting business priorities and evolving customer expectations. With the rapid deployment of Covid-19 vaccinations, offices will now begin to open again, and the future of office work is hybrid.

In their effort to design more adaptive organisations, tech leaders must support better employee experience through technology innovation.

Join Forrester analysts, Dan Bieler, Thomas Husson, and Enza Iannopollo, as they share the trends and opportunities for technology leaders including:

  • The future of work in Europe, including changes to the physical office and the hybrid workforce
  • Changes in workplace regulation across Europe and its impact to your organisation
  • The steps required to protect employee privacy and data
  • Best practices for optimising your employee experience strategy

Duration: 45 mins (Including 15 mins Q&A)

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