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Welcome To The Dawn Of A New AI Era: The EU Parliament Adopts The AI Act

Enza Iannopollo March 13, 2024
Most organizations worldwide that use AI must comply with the act — and there is much to do with little time to do it. Here's what you need to know.

It’s Time For The EU AI Act — Let’s Get This Party Started

Enza Iannopollo February 2, 2024
According to Forrester data, about one in three global organizations identify risk and governance as barriers for generative AI adoption. Those concerns are set to grow even more now that the EU AI Act is becoming a reality.

This Week In AI, UK Edition: Much Ado About Not That Much

Enza Iannopollo December 4, 2023
The new UK AI bill in Parliament is likely to add up to less practical impact than you might think. Find out why.

The G7 AI Guidelines: Long On Good Intentions, Short On Detail And Substance

Enza Iannopollo November 8, 2023
Last week was a busy one for AI policymakers — but it’s too early to say whether it's moved the AI policy needle sufficiently.

Highlights dell’Italy Banking CX Index 2023 – In che modo i marchi bancari italiani possono fidelizzarsi attraverso una migliore customer experience?

Enza Iannopollo November 6, 2023
This blog was co-written by Luca LoScavo   Il CX Index di Forrester misura la qualità della customer experience che un marchio offre ai propri clienti per creare e sostenere la fedeltà. Nel 2023, abbiamo effettuato un benchmark della qualità della CX di 9 marchi bancari italiani leader del settore.  La qualità della CX nelle banche […]

Highlights From The Italy Banking CX Index Rankings, 2023 — How Italian Banking Brands Can Earn Loyalty Through Better Customer Experiences

Enza Iannopollo November 6, 2023
[This blog was cowritten by Luca Lo Scavo.] Forrester’s Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) measures the quality of the customer experience a brand delivers to its customers to create and sustain loyalty. In 2023, we benchmarked CX quality at nine leading Italian banking brands. CX quality in Italian banks grew just enough to match the […]

Biden’s Executive Order On AI Is Broad In Scope And Laser-Focused On Spurring Innovation Without Undue Risk

Alla Valente November 1, 2023
The new executive order calls for a “societywide effort” from government, the private sector, academia, and civil society to address eight AI priorities.

Predictions 2024: With The Right Preparation, Your Organization Can Win Trust While Others Lose It

Stephanie Balaouras October 31, 2023
A focus on fundamentals such as empathy, dependability, and accountability will equip companies to weather a tumultuous year ahead.

The GDPR Fine Against Meta Is Significant But Not For The Reasons You Think

Enza Iannopollo May 23, 2023
Learn why the €1.2 billion GDPR fine levied against Meta for violation of international data transfer requirements should be a wake-up call for many privacy and business leaders.

Insights From The 2023 RSA Conference: Generative AI, Quantum, And Innovation Sandbox

Allie Mellen May 2, 2023
There's growing hype around generative AI in the security world, some of it warranted, some of it not so much. Learn more by reading the Forrester security and risk team’s key perspectives from RSAC 2023.

If You Are Attending RSAC 2023, Join Me To Talk About Employee Privacy!

Enza Iannopollo April 19, 2023
This year’s RSA Conference is kicking off soon, and I will be there for the first time! Why? Because new rules for the protection of the personal data of employees have arrived in the US, and we need to talk about it. If you are attending the conference, come join me for my session, How […]

Let The Battle Begin: Privacy Versus ChatGPT

Enza Iannopollo April 3, 2023
The implications of, and the privacy risks associated with, generative AI systems will be impactful. Learn five things you can do to address them today.

UBS Acquires Credit Suisse: A Trust Crisis That Continues To Unravel

Jost Hoppermann March 22, 2023
Poor risk management practices, a questionable corporate culture, and a long series of scandals created an explosive mix that led to Credit Suisse’s collapse and consequent acquisition by rival UBS. While each theme deserves its own analysis, the sum of these events provides a crisp example of how the bank undermined the very definition of trust that ultimately caused its collapse. Here, we discuss the implications of the “rescue” of Credit Suisse by UBS.

NIST AI Risk Management Framework 1.0 — What It Means For Enterprises

Michele Goetz February 7, 2023
Forrester provides guidance on how to succeed with AI governance with the NIST’s AI RMF 1.0.

EU Corporations Lead The Region On Sustainability — The Rest Ride Their Coattails

Enza Iannopollo January 16, 2023
Across Europe and the Middle East, consumers are demanding that corporations embrace environmental sustainability. Forrester data shows that in both the UK and France, more than a third of online adults are prepared to pay a premium for sustainable products.

A New Era Of Privacy Dawns With The Latest Google Fine

Enza Iannopollo November 16, 2022
In the wake of a lawsuit settlement over deceptive location-history user settings, companies need to look closely at their data privacy practices.

Predictions 2023: Organizations That Maintain Trust Will Thrive

Enza Iannopollo November 15, 2022


CCPA Penalties Are Here: Sephora Hit With $1.2 Million Fine

Stephanie Liu September 9, 2022
French retailer Sephora became the first company to be penalized under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) for not disclosing to consumers that it sells their personal information, failing to respect users’ Global Privacy Control as an opt-out, and neglecting to correct these infractions by the deadline. The $1.2 million penalty is part of a […]

The Sephora Case Shows That Organizations Need A Modern Framework For Trusted Data Sharing

Enza Iannopollo September 8, 2022
Last week, the beauty retailer Sephora made the headlines in the news, not because of a new product launch or some extraordinary TikTok campaign but because it became the first company that California Attorney General Rob Bonta publicly fined for allegedly violating the requirements of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). According to the case, […]

Business Roundtable: Roadmap für verantwortungsvolle KI

Brandon Purcell 25 August 2022
Erhalten Sie eine detaillierte Analyse der kürzlich veröffentlichten Roadmap des Business Roundtable für verantwortungsvolle KI.
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