Future Of B2C Buying EMEA Webinar Series

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Three powerful forces are driving a shift in European consumer behaviour.

European consumers are increasingly empowered. They are using digital devices in more advanced ways, they want to take control of their choices and they expect brands to blend their offline and online experiences. In short, they are empowered.

European consumers are becoming more values-driven. They are increasingly basing affiliation, purchasing and loyalty decisions on their own values, and those of the brands they want to associate with as social media lays the ethics of businesses bare.

The pandemic is amplifying and accelerating the shift. As consumers embrace enforced digital behaviours in lockdown, the pandemic has super-charged the urgency for consumer brands to accelerate their digital transformation and become agile.

Watch any of the below sessions On-Demand and learn from Forrester’s thought leaders as they share their research, best practices and ideas on how your business can prepare for the future of B2C buying in EMEA.

  • Overview of The Future of B2C Buying in EMEA
    by Thomas Husson, VP, Principal Analyst
  • Future of B2C Buying in Retail and CPG
    by Michelle Beeson, Analyst and Ryan Skinner, Principal Analyst
  • Future of B2C Buying In Financial Services
    by Oliwia Berdak, VP, Research Director
  • Future of B2C Buying: Benchmarking Consumer Journeys
    by Joana de Quintanilha, VP, Principal Analyst

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