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Customer Obsession Builds In Europe

Michelle Beeson July 14, 2023
Customer obsession — putting customers at the center of leadership, strategy and operations — is critical to business success. Customer-obsessed companies increase revenue, profitability, customer retention, and employee engagement faster than other firms. The translation of customer obsession into other languages can sometimes cause confusion. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, an obsession is an […]

Successful Shared CX Needs New Partnership Dynamics

Michelle Beeson July 5, 2023
To succeed brands and retailers need to re-think their partnership dynamics to focus on their shared responsibility for customer experiences.

Key Trends In Customer Journey Mapping

Michelle Beeson July 4, 2023
The customer journey mapping (CJM) platform landscape is an eclectic, innovative market where vendors’ go-to-market strategies and focus vary. Forrester’s ongoing work with CX professionals and CJM platform providers reveals key trends in the use of CJM software across organizations and how these platforms must evolve to keep pace with CX pros’ needs. CX pros […]

Luxury Brands’ Digital Success Depends On Convenience And Innovation

Michelle Beeson February 15, 2023
(guest blog post by Research Associate Victoria Manes) Luxury fashion brands continue to press ahead with their efforts to retain digitally mature luxury consumers. Forrester’s consumer surveys show that luxury consumers are spending more online compared to those who shop in the physical store. They expect brands to deliver innovative, easy, and emotionally engaging experiences. […]

Balance Digital Accountability To Optimize Digital Teams

Michelle Beeson October 13, 2022
There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to digital team org structure. Instead, digital leaders should align to three critical capabilities as they build out their organizational structure.

Building A Customer-Centric, Cross-Functional, And Flexible Digital Team

Michelle Beeson October 11, 2022
Building a digital team that can achieve pressing priorities requires flexibility and cross-functional collaboration. Learn more.

Europe Leads The Way In Re-Empowering The Consumer In The Digital Era

Paul McKay July 14, 2022
The EU has overhauled the legislative environment for digital services in Europe. Learn what this means for tech and marketing.

Myths And Realities Of Channel Conflict: Evolving Partnership Dynamics Will Dissolve Channel Conflict Concerns

Michelle Beeson June 17, 2022
When discussing brands’ direct-to-consumer (DTC) digital strategies, I am often asked how brands are handling issues of channel conflict with retail partners. There are a few forerunners to my response: A brand’s DTC digital strategy is not just about direct transactional sales to consumers. All brands need a DTC digital strategy, which derives value beyond […]

Europese consumenten hechten steeds meer waarde aan duurzaamheid

Michelle Beeson May 9, 2022
Post van gastblogger Melissa Chaudet, senior onderzoeksmedewerker. Het is geen geheim dat Europese consumenten zich steeds meer zorgen maken over de impact van hun consumptie op het milieu. Forrester heeft onlangs nieuw onderzoek uitgevoerd om een beeld te krijgen van de verwachtingen en houding van Europese consumenten ten aan zien van duurzaamheid. Dit waren de bevindingen: […]

Shared Customer Experience: What Happens When Your CX Depends On Partners?

Michelle Beeson April 25, 2022
Organisations are not always fully in control of all of their customer’s experiences. Whether it’s logistics partners supporting a retailer’s delivery experience, insurance companies relying on sales via brokers, or consumer-facing brands relying on retail partners to sell their products, an organisation’s end-to-end customer experience (CX) often relies on external business partners. Across industries, brands […]

European Consumers Drive The Sustainability Demand

Michelle Beeson March 16, 2022
Guest blog post by Melissa Chaudet, senior research associate. It’s no secret that European consumers are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of their consumption habits. We’ve recently conducted net-new data research to gain a snapshot of European consumers’ environmental expectations and attitudes. We found that they: Actively seek more environmentally friendly options when shopping. […]

Luxury Brands’ Success Requires Digital Commerce And Hybrid Customer Experience

Michelle Beeson March 15, 2022
Luxury brands continue to grapple with their evolving digital go-to-market strategies in the face of ingrained traditions, placing a premium on the in-store customer experience. But it is not a case of digital versus store. Year on year, Forrester’s consumer surveys show that luxury consumers are more digitally mature than their mainstream counterparts. They seek […]

All Brands Must Build Value From Direct-To-Consumer

Michelle Beeson November 18, 2021
The value of a brand’s direct-to-consumer (DTC) digital presence goes beyond direct sales. Brands that still rely heavily on retail partners for digital sales can still drive value from direct customer engagement. Of course, DTC consumer purchases benefit brands with better margins, since they avoid fees or commission charges from partners. The benefits go beyond […]

Serving Customer Needs Across A Hybrid Customer Experience

Michelle Beeson September 8, 2021
As consumers are are less restricted by channels, organisations must follow suit and create a hybrid customer experience.

Person-To-Person Customer Experience Breaks Free From The Store

Michelle Beeson June 29, 2021
Even before the pandemic, organizations across industries have been grappling with how to manage customer experiences across physical and digital touchpoints. But the context of the 2020 pandemic forced businesses — particularly nonessential retailers and brands — to completely rethink how they used their physical spaces and, in particular, the employees within them. More retailers […]

Prioritise Your Customers’ Mental Well-Being To Spur Pandemic Recovery

Michelle Beeson May 10, 2021
It’s impossible not to see how consumers have felt the pressure of the 2020 pandemic. People have faced job losses, extended furlough, or enforced remote work while also managing homeschooling and the social (and psychological) impact of lockdown. Then there were those on the front lines: key workers struggling to do their jobs while COVID-19 […]

Brands: Gauge The Size Of Your Digital Commerce Prize

Michelle Beeson April 16, 2021
All brands need to be selling to and engaging with consumers online. The experiences of the 2020 pandemic have only accelerated consumers’ shift to digital touchpoints. When it comes to brands’ digital commerce opportunity, it’s not “one size fits all.” So, where should brands focus their digital direct-to-consumer (DTC) efforts, and what will each yield […]

The State Of Alternative Payments Acceptance In UK Retail

Michelle Beeson March 23, 2021
The availability and use of digital and contactless payments increased during the 2020 pandemic, driven by the need for more hygienic contactless payment options and a large proportion of retail being forced online amidst lockdowns. After reviewing 102 UK retailers across several product categories, we found that 92% of UK retailers offered at least one […]

Successful Brands Will Manage Their Own Digital Destiny

Michelle Beeson February 4, 2021
The 2020 pandemic has forced consumers to digital touchpoints, accelerating the need for brands to up their game when it comes to digital commerce, engagement, and operations. Historically, most brands have sold through wholesale retail partner relationships and distributors. Now, they must own the customer relationship, as far as they are able. Forrester’s latest report, […]

PlayStation 5 Launch Sends The UK Digital Customer Experience Back In Time

Michelle Beeson November 19, 2020
2020 leaves another sting in its tail for UK retailers today, among them Currys PC World, John Lewis, and Very.com (even Amazon had some trouble). After navigating the unexpected (and unprecedented) peaks and troughs of digital demand during 2020 pandemic lockdowns, it’s the planned launch of the PlayStation 5 that has managed to crash the […]
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