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European Organisations Are Underinvesting In Customer Experience

Martin Gill September 21, 2021
European organisations are underinvesting in customer experience as they see CX improvement as a lower priority than their global peers. This is a mistake.

How To Get The Most Out Of A Virtual Event

Martin Gill September 8, 2021
In many ways, virtual events are more convenient than in-person events, but they demand a different approach as a delegate.

Employee Well-Being Is A Shared Responsibility

Martin Gill May 10, 2021
The pandemic has highlighted the importance of focusing on employee well-being. VP and Research Director Martin Gill offers insight for both leaders and employees.

Pourquoi Investir Dans L’Expérience Client?

Martin Gill February 24, 2021
L’amélioration de l'expérience client est un atout commercial évident. Lisez les points clés de notre récente enquête auprès des consommateurs européens.

Why Invest In Customer Experience?

Martin Gill February 24, 2021
The business benefits of strengthening CX are clear. Read the takeaways from our recent survey of European consumers.

In Times Of Crisis, Empathy Fuels Loyalty

Martin Gill December 18, 2020
We've identified four risk profiles to help understand global consumers' sensitivity to health and financial risks in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why Customer Experience? Why Now?

Martin Gill October 22, 2020
One of the things I was most looking forward to in 2020 as I returned to focus on our European consumer research was CX EMEA. I’ve always enjoyed Forrester events, both as a customer more than a decade ago, as an analyst presenting, and as a research director acting as MC. It’s a chance to […]

Europe Predictions 2021: Disruption And Opportunity For Technology Leaders

Martin Gill October 15, 2020
Every autumn at Forrester, we look ahead to predict how we think the world will unfold in the coming year. It’s that time again now. The art of prediction isn’t new, and as Europeans, we’ve excelled in it for centuries. Millenia even. Kings and queens, chieftains and war leaders would consult the wise, hoping for […]

Burberry’s Strong Sense Of Ethics And Legacy Of Digital Investments Set It Up For Future Success

Martin Gill July 16, 2020
Four lessons retailers can learn from Burberry's approach to the pandemic.

The Future Of B2C Buying In Europe: May You Live In Interesting Times

Martin Gill June 17, 2020
The pandemic has accelerated European brands' digital transformation and put company values in sharper focus. In our upcoming webinar series, learn how business leaders should respond.

Nordic Firms Must Adapt To Win

Martin Gill June 3, 2020
Measures to control the spread of COVID-19 are easing. Yet the enforced digital adoption of the last three months will have a lasting impact on customer and employee expectations.

How UK Employees Feel About COVID-19 Now: A PandemicEX Update

Martin Gill May 19, 2020
As the UK begins to face a staged return to work, business leaders must capitalize on the trust their employees have placed in them, take the lead on helping their employees through the crisis, and create a sense of security.

COVID-19 Accelerates Digital Adoption For European Consumers And Businesses

Martin Gill May 5, 2020
Six things B2C marketing leaders in Europe should build into their pandemic response strategies.

PandemicEX: How UK Employees Feel About The Pandemic

Martin Gill April 8, 2020
78% of UK workers expect further disruptions to work, compared to 65% of Europeans. Read more insights on how UK workers feel about the coronavirus pandemic.

European Retail CX Scores Are Gradually Improving

Martin Gill January 27, 2020
European retailers are slowly improving their CX. Successful firms are demonstrating their commitment to respecting customers’ privacy and building strong brands.

How To Fail And Not Get Fired

Martin Gill October 30, 2018
For years now we’ve been promoting the concept of “fail fast” as if failure is awesome, something to aspire to. In many ways, it is. Thomas J. Watson Sr., the chairman of IBM in its industrial heyday, advised “If you want to succeed, double your failure rate.” I can find you a dozen similar quotes, […]

Empower Autonomous Teams To Accelerate Digital Delivery

Martin Gill July 20, 2018
The need for speed has never been greater. Empowered customers are fickle. Big tech is disintermediating you. Disruptors lurk in the darkest corners of your markets, ready to rise krakenlike to swallow your floundering ship whole. Your prospects are bleak. A depressing way to end the week? Perhaps not. Speed of execution is more vital […]

Too Fast To Fail

Martin Gill May 25, 2018
There’s an old mantra that no one really believes anymore: too big to fail. Tell that to the dinosaurs. In the past 20 years, business has undergone a critical pivot. We’ve moved from the age of scale, when the winners were vertically integrated monoliths with vast purchasing power, through the age of information to a […]

Digital Transformation Unlocks Business Opportunity

Martin Gill April 16, 2018
My first job (other than being a barman at college) was designing and developing an ERP system for a ship repair yard on the River Tyne. This was Circa 1995, a time when the ship building and repair industry in the UK was twitching its last death spasms. It was an industry in the final […]

Lead Transformation With Our New Digital Business Playbook

Martin Gill March 1, 2018
To compete in the age of the customer, your firm must become a digital business. As a digital business leader, it’s your job to shape how. You must enhance your digital customer experience while also driving agility and efficiency through digital operational excellence. You must champion innovation and thrive within a wider digital ecosystem. This […]
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