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Caution And Lack Of Understanding Steer UK Consumer Attitudes Towards Generative AI

Martin Gill April 25, 2024
Recent surveys about UK consumer attitudes towards AI and generative AI show one sentiment: cautious skepticism. Get three key takeaways from our most recent data in this preview of our upcoming session at CX Summit EMEA.

KI mit Selbsterkenntnis ist da – nur nicht so, wie Sie es sich vorgestellt haben

Martin Gill 25 April 2024
Generative KI bietet risikobewussten CX-Führungskräften eine enorme Chance, das Kundenerlebnis zu verbessern und Arbeitsabläufe zu optimieren.

Why You Should (And How You Can) Apply For The Forrester Customer Obsession Awards

Martin Gill February 7, 2024
If there’s one question almost every Forrester customer experience (CX) client asks us, it’s “how do I prove the value of my CX program?” Well, perhaps I can help. Enter the Forrester Customer Obsession Awards. We want to recognize organizations that put their customers at the heart of their strategy, leadership, and operations and demonstrate […]

Welcome To 2024: Let’s Kick It Off With Some Predictions

Martin Gill January 10, 2024
Every year, we at Forrester put our heads together and look at the trends that we’re seeing, what our data and forecasts are telling us, what we are hearing in inquiries and interviews, and then gaze into the metaphorical crystal ball to try to offer some advice on what to expect in the coming year. […]

Customer Obsession Awards — Nominations Wanted

Martin Gill November 30, 2023
The 2024 Customer Obsession Awards will recognize organizations and executives who put customers at the center of everything — and, in the process, accelerate growth, customer loyalty, and employee engagement. Learn more and nominate yourself now.

Self-Aware AI Is Here — Just Not How You Imagine It

Martin Gill November 10, 2023
AI can unleash magic, but it’s not inherently as magical as some of the hype would have you believe.

Swedish Banks Continue To Lag On CX And Should Embrace Opportunities For Improvement

Martin Gill November 6, 2023
[This blog was written by Jana Gül.] Swedish banking brands offer the worst customer experiences in Europe and score below the European average. Even though Swedish customers rated their banks’ performance as lamentably low, there are opportunities to improve on customer experience (CX) and drive loyalty. Forrester’s Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) measures how well […]

Highlights From The UK Banking CX Index Rankings, 2023 — How Do UK Banking Brands Earn Loyalty?

Martin Gill November 6, 2023
UK banking brands offer some of the best customer experiences in Europe. The competitive market, with multiple challengers and fintech startups, means that both traditional and mutual brands are forced to go the extra mile to deliver for their customers. Only one UK banking brand scored below the average in Europe this year in our […]

Do You Understand GenAI? You Need To, Especially If You’re A CX Leader

David Truog October 3, 2023
Do you understand generative AI? Forrester’s data shows that 54% of AI decision-makers believe their organization’s executive team is “very familiar” with it — but we’ve observed widespread misunderstandings among execs of what it is, how it works behind the curtain, and what it can do. So last week we published a new, FAQ-style report […]

Customer Obsession Pays Dividends

Martin Gill March 31, 2023
Customer obsession starts with deeply understanding your customers’ needs and flows through to aligning your business operations to serve them profitably.

Finalists Announced For The Customer-Obsessed Enterprise Award — EMEA

Maxie Schmidt March 28, 2023
The hard work of customer obsession deserves recognition. Discover the finalists for the inaugural Customer-Obsessed Enterprise Award — EMEA.

CX EMEA 2023: Bold Focus

Martin Gill December 13, 2022
Take the initiative and use targeted innovation as the answer to tough times. Learn more at our event, CX EMEA 2023.

European Predictions 2023: Customer Experience

Martin Gill October 25, 2022
2023 will be a year of reckoning for European customer experience teams. Some will widen CX advantage over competitors, while other teams will be forced to disband. Learn more.

Prévisions Européennes 2023 : Expérience Client

Martin Gill 25 Octobre 2022
Découvrez les tendances et enjeux identifiés par nos experts sur le secteur de l'expérience client en 2023.

Prognosen 2023: Customer Experience

Martin Gill 25 Oktober 2022
2023 müssen sich europäische CX-Teams beweisen. Einige werden ihren Vorteil gegenüber Konkurrenten ausbauen, während andere Teams sich auflösen werden.

The Troublesome Teenage Years Of CX

Martin Gill May 20, 2022
What is your ambition for your customer experience team for the next decade? Pick your CX team archetype. Learn more in this post.

Les Entreprises Européennes Sous-Investissent Dans L’Expérience Client

Martin Gill 3 Mars 2022
Les entreprises européennes n’investissent pas assez dans l’expérience client, car elles considèrent que son amélioration ne mérite pas la priorité que lui accordent leurs homologues globaux. C’est une erreur.

European Organisations Are Underinvesting In Customer Experience

Martin Gill September 21, 2021
European organisations are underinvesting in customer experience as they see CX improvement as a lower priority than their global peers. This is a mistake.

How To Get The Most Out Of A Virtual Event

Martin Gill September 8, 2021
In many ways, virtual events are more convenient than in-person events, but they demand a different approach as a delegate.

Employee Well-Being Is A Shared Responsibility

Martin Gill May 10, 2021
The pandemic has highlighted the importance of focusing on employee well-being. VP and Research Director Martin Gill offers insight for both leaders and employees.
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