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AI And Open Banking Payments Dominate Money20/20 Europe 2024

Oliwia Berdak June 11, 2024
While Money20/20 Europe had a number of themes this year — including “A Customer Universe of One” and “The Business Of Money” — AI and open banking payments really stole the show. But while the AI discussion remained mostly high-level, a confluence of factors have made open banking payments closer to mainstream adoption and therefore red-hot.

What We’re Most Excited To See At Money20/20 Europe 2024

Oliwia Berdak May 30, 2024
This blog provides an overview of key themes that we’re most excited to discuss at Money20/20 Europe 2024.

Highlights From The UK Auto And Home Insurers CX Index, 2022

Oliwia Berdak December 15, 2022
Discover the 2022 Forrester CX Index scores for auto and home insurer brands in the UK, and dive into the CX drivers and emotions that drive loyalty the most.

Customer Experience In UK Banking Improved Significantly In 2022 — But Not Across The Board

Oliwia Berdak October 19, 2022
In 2022, we benchmarked CX quality at 10 leading UK banking brands. This year, the average CX quality in the UK banking industry improved significantly compared to 2021.

What’s New In EMEA Mobile Banking

Oliwia Berdak June 21, 2022
Mobile banking apps are a crucial component of the overall banking experience. To identify mobile banking best practices, we reviewed the mobile apps of 13 EMEA banking brands in March and April of 2022 for both functionality and user experience.

Five Findings From FinovateEurope 2022

Oliwia Berdak March 25, 2022
Read the key findings from FinovateEurope 2022, including thoughts on what's hot in fintech, sustainable finance, open finance, and digital transformation.

What’s New In European Mobile Banking

Oliwia Berdak November 5, 2021
Forrester reviewed the mobile apps of 13 European banking brands in June and July of 2021 for both functionality and user experience.

How European Auto And Home Insurers Can Differentiate On Customer Experience

Oliwia Berdak October 18, 2021
Forrester surveyed customers of the 32 of the largest and most important auto and home insurance brands in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK about the quality of their experiences as a part of our European Auto And Home Insurers Customer Experience Index, 2021.

Mutuals And Challengers With Great Digital Offerings Or Customer Service Provide The Best Banking CX In Pandemic Europe

Oliwia Berdak October 15, 2021
Forrester surveyed customers of the 38 of the largest and most important banking brands in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK about the quality of their experiences as a part of our European Banking Customer Experience Index, 2021. As in 2020, mutuals and challengers (banks founded as alternatives to traditional banks) offer the best experiences across Europe.

APAC Countries Look To Strengthen Sustainable Finance Regulations

Diane Deng October 12, 2021
In APAC, vast political, economic, and social differences among countries pose an impact on sustainable finance regulations. Even for ESG factors that are easiest to measure and compare — carbon emission, for example — there are still no common goals in the region. Only China (pledged to become carbon-neutral in 2060), South Korea (2050), Japan (2050), New Zealand (2050), and Indonesia (2060) have set a net-zero target, leading to different approaches and progress in regulating sustainable finance activities.

The European Union’s Sustainable Finance Regulation Jigsaw Is Almost Complete

Oliwia Berdak October 11, 2021
The EU has committed to becoming the first climate-neutral bloc in the world by 2050. Learn which regulations will support this transition.

Financial Services Firms Can Earn Trust With A Real Commitment To Sustainability

Oliwia Berdak August 3, 2021
Financial services firms that embrace sustainable business models have an opportunity to win over values-based customers.

La Marche Vers La Finance Durable Sera Longue

Aurelie L'Hostis 19 May 2021
La finance durable exige des changements dans trois domaines clés : les produits, les politiques et les processus.

The Four Themes That Dominated FinovateEurope 2021

Oliwia Berdak April 1, 2021
FinovateEurope 2020, which took place in Berlin in mid-February 2020, was one of my last big trips that year. It was also the first time I bought and liberally used hand sanitizer. Still, as events go, it was pretty “normal.” So I approached the digital edition of FinovateEurope 2021 with some curiosity. Would the energy […]

Mutuals And Direct Banks Top The UK, France, Italy, And Spain Banking CX Indexes — Here’s Why

Oliwia Berdak March 31, 2021
In our 2020 European Banking Customer Experience Index (CX Index™), mutuals and direct banks outperformed traditional banks in terms of customer experience (CX) in the UK, France, Italy, and Spain. Why? Because mutuals and direct banks excel at the three E’s of customer experience: ease, effectiveness, and emotion. But they do it differently. When we […]

The Road To Sustainable Finance Will Be Long And Thorny

Oliwia Berdak March 29, 2021
Tariq Fancy — BlackRock’s former chief investment officer of sustainable investing — caused an uproar recently when he denounced sustainable investing as just “marketing hype” and “PR spin.” Well, the spin is clearly working, with Morningstar announcing record inflows into sustainable funds in Q4 2020. Financial services firms have a large role to play in […]

Milieu-initiatieven domineren duurzaamheidsinspanningen van financiële dienstverleners

Oliwia Berdak March 22, 2021
This blog post was translated, the original English post can be found here.  Duurzaamheid, met zijn focus op ESG-beginselen (Environmental, Social & Governance), begint de politieke en zakelijke agenda’s wereldwijd te beïnvloeden. Zelfs vóór COVID-19 trachtten initiatieven zoals het Akkoord van Parijs en de Europese Green Deal klimaatverandering terug te dringen. De pandemie heeft weliswaar […]

Environmental Initiatives Dominate Sustainability Efforts Of Financial Services Firms

Oliwia Berdak February 24, 2021
Sustainability — with its focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles — is beginning to dominate political and business agendas worldwide. Even before COVID-19, initiatives such as the Paris Agreement or the European Green Deal aimed to mitigate climate change. The pandemic has exposed additional vulnerabilities in our economies, health systems, and societies. But […]

European Customer Experience Index, 2020: How Banks And Insurers Can Connect CX With Business Impact

Oliwia Berdak November 18, 2020
Learn how leaders in the European banking and insurance industries can credibly connect the customer story to the money story.

Predictions 2021: Banks Will Need To Get To Know Their Customers (Again)

Oliwia Berdak October 21, 2020
The COVID-19 crisis has upended banks' understanding of their customers. In 2021, banking executives will need to pivot accordingly.
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