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Enhance and Prove The Value Of Your Customer Experience Strategy

Discover how to grow and measure your CX capabilities in EMEA without overextending your team or running afoul of privacy regulations. Watch the webinars on-demand to get complimentary insights on achieving business goals through superior CX.

How To Establish And Grow Your Customer Experience Function In EMEA

A complimentary Forrester webinar

We know that customer experience (CX) transformation efforts bring benefits such as increased customer retention, higher cross-sell and upsell potential, decreased cost to serve customers, and improved risk mitigation. But how do you successfully rally your organisation around the customer? How do you establish and grow a Customer Experience function to facilitate development of the company-wide CX vision and strategy, and adoption of CX discipline?

Watch the replay to learn more about:

  • How to make the case for CX, including the impact of the pandemic on the urgency for CX transformation.
  • The key priorities of CX teams in EMEA.
  • How to prove the value of the CX function to gain credibility and scale.

Joana is joined by Vikram Krishna, former executive VP – Group Head of Marketing and CX at Emirates NBD, to talk about how Emirates NBD established, funded, and scaled their CX function.

How To Measure Customer Experience Effectively Without Violating Privacy Laws

A complimentary Forrester webinar

Customer Experience (CX) leaders who collect, analyse and share metrics about their customers’ experiences, must be hyperaware of rising privacy demands of regulators and customers, especially in Europe. As these CX leaders evolve their CX measurement programmes to become more predictive, they must reduce the risk of violating privacy laws and expectations.CX measurement expert Maxie Schmidt and privacy expert Enza Iannopollo share insights on how to balance the need for advancing CX measurement practices with privacy regulations.

Watch the replay to learn how to:

  • Create an ideal CX measurement programme that drives business results.
  • Measure CX safely within privacy regulations.
  • Integrate ethics in your CX measurement programme.

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Duration: 45 minutes each (including 15 mns Q&A)

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