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How To Prioritize Customer Journeys

Maxie Schmidt April 12, 2023
Find recommendations for how to best prioritize journeys, and discover our Customer Journey Prioritization Tool for doing the prioritization work.

Low Measurement Maturity Remains A Challenge For CX Leaders

Maxie Schmidt April 11, 2023
How effective are customer experience (CX) measurement programs? To answer this question, we fielded our 2022 State Of VoC And CX Measurement Practices Survey among CX professionals responsible for measurement or voice of the customer (VoC) at their organization. You will find the detailed results in our report, The State Of CX Measurement Practices, 2022 […]

Finalists Announced For The Customer-Obsessed Enterprise Award — EMEA

Maxie Schmidt March 28, 2023
The hard work of customer obsession deserves recognition. Discover the finalists for the inaugural Customer-Obsessed Enterprise Award — EMEA.

New: Net Promoter Score Rankings For 133 European Brands

Maxie Schmidt January 17, 2023
Forrester just published The European Net Promoter Rankings, 2022 report, including the Net Promoter Score℠ (NPS) and industry rank for 133 brands in banking, auto and home insurers, and auto manufacturers across France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, and Sweden (new in the rankings this year). We asked more than 35,000 European consumers in our […]

Deutsche Auto- und Hausratversicherer bieten weiterhin hervorragende Kundenerfahrungen

Maxie Schmidt 19 Dezember 2022
Die CX-Qualität deutscher Auto- und Hausratversicherungsunternehmen ist weiterhin hoch und übertreffen ihre europäischen Konkurrenten. Jetzt mehr erfahren.

How To Get Executives To Buy In To CX Transformation

Maxie Schmidt December 13, 2022
Win support for customer experience transformation by connecting CX to financial goals. Learn how to craft a compelling CX business case, with examples.

Good News/Bad News About VoC And CX Measurement Practices

Colleen Fazio December 6, 2022
“Help us help you.” This was the call to action we put out in July and August of 2022 to voice-of-the-customer (VoC) and customer experience (CX) measurement leaders around the world. We asked CX professionals responsible for VoC and CX measurement activities to tell us about their teams’ scope and structure, practices, and challenges. In […]

Improving CX By 1 Point Can Drive More Than 1 Billion Dollars In Revenue (2022)

Maxie Schmidt November 7, 2022
Our New Report, How Customer Experience Drives Business Growth, 2022, Puts A $-Value On Improving CX By 1 Point. Many customer experience (CX) leaders find it hard to make the case for investing in CX. That’s why Forrester built industry-specific models that demonstrate how CX improvements drive business growth through increased customer loyalty. Read our […]

CX Commitment Checklist: Help Your Executives Face Reality

Maxie Schmidt November 1, 2022
Amidst a flurry of C-level leaders declaring that their organizations are currently or are becoming customer centric, customer experience (CX) leaders face their biggest battle yet: Making executives in their organization aware of the damaging shadow they as leaders cast on efforts to become more customer obsessed. My colleague Richard Sheahan and I often talk […]

Erlebnisqualität deutscher Bankkunden sinkt 2022

Maxie Schmidt 28 Oktober 2022
Laut Forresters CX-Index ist die CX-Qualität in Deutschland gesunken. Wie können deutsche Banken die Customer Experience verbessern? Jetzt mehr erfahren.

Value For Customers: A 60-Second Look At The Top 11 Driver Categories

Maxie Schmidt August 16, 2022
Watch this 60-second video to learn the key drivers of value for customers.

Get Ready For Planning Season: Is Your CX Beacon Metric Still The Best Choice?

Maxie Schmidt August 8, 2022
Read recommendations for how to select the a CX beacon metric that will work for your organization, including evaluation questions.

Three Truths About Value For Customers (Hint: You Cannot “Deliver” It)

Maxie Schmidt July 27, 2022
Is your organization starting to embrace the idea that value for customers matters? Great. But your organization cannot “deliver” it. No one can. That’s not how value works. Check out this 90-second video below (no audio) to learn: Three truths about value for customers that explain why no organization can “deliver” it. The key role […]

B2B Firms: Adopt A Bespoke Approach When Collecting Feedback From Large, Complex Clients

Maxie Schmidt June 28, 2022
B2B firms work hard to build relationships with their clients. Yet the way they collect feedback and measure CX can undermine that work.

The Lies We Tell Ourselves: Why Companies Aren’t Optimising Value For Customers

Maxie Schmidt April 1, 2022
We all talk about it. Most of us believe it. Nearly nobody does it: Organizations are NOT optimising for value for customer. If they did, they’d make sure to help customers accomplish their goals and meet their needs. But instead, most companies optimize value for the business. Three illusions are at the root of this. […]

Earned Growth: A Boon Even For Companies That Cannot Implement The Metric

Maxie Schmidt November 18, 2021
In his book Winning On Purpose, Fred Reichheld, one of the creators of Net Promoter Score (NPS), and his coauthors Darci Darnell and Maureen Burns introduce a new metric: earned growth. They previewed the idea in a recent Harvard Business Review article. Earned growth measures the revenue growth generated by returning customers and their referrals. […]

Europe Predictions 2022: Customer Experience

Joana de Quintanilha October 26, 2021
In 2022, brands will look to customer experience teams to help them navigate their way through the pandemic. Find out more.

Prévisions 2022 : Expérience Client

Joana de Quintanilha 26 Octobre 2021
En 2022, les marques se tourneront vers leurs équipes Expérience Client (CX) pour mieux naviguer dans le sillage tourmenté de la pandémie, s'adapter à la « nouvelle normalité » et gérer les attentes et les émotions des clients autour d'enjeux aussi variés que l'accélération et la saturation numériques, le développement durable et la confidentialité. 

Prognosen 2022: Customer Experience

Joana de Quintanilha 26 Oktober 2021
2022 werden Unternehmen auf ihre Customer Experience (CX)-Teams angewiesen sein, um einen Weg durch die Pandemie zu finden und sich auf eine „neue Normalität“ einzustellen.

How To Make The CFO Your Ally

Tom Mouhsian August 30, 2021
The strong connection between customers and money — and how the first leads to the second — would make CX pros and CFOs realize the value of collaboration.
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