India Financial Services Webcast Week 2021

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Indian financial services firms must become adaptive, creative, and resilient as they come face to face with a highly uncertain and rapidly changing business environment. At Forrester, we call it being future fit. Future fit firms perform better than their peers when it comes to tech priorities such as leveraging emerging technologies, adopting an adaptive tech architecture, retiring their technical debt and more. They do so while still staying focused on their customers and employees.

In this webcast series, Forrester’s analysts shared their latest research on how financial services firms can become future fit.


A decade of uncertainty and change is ahead of us. Indian financial services firms, like their counterparts across the globe, must invest in platforms, partners, and practices to succeed. They must be adaptive to be able to evolve their business models, offer new services, and reimagine their value to their customers. They must be creative so they can stand out in what is becoming an increasingly homogeneous marketplace. At the same time, they must be resilient to be able to withstand demand and supply shocks, and deal with operational risks, security threats and more.

This new uncertain business landscape requires that financial services firms become future fit. In this webcast series specially curated for the Indian financial services industry, our leading analysts discussed the use of emerging tech in banking, the evolution of digital banking channels, emerging business models and disruptive ideas of fintech firms, as well as lessons from peers who are aspiring to become future fit.

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