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UBS Acquires Credit Suisse: A Trust Crisis That Continues To Unravel

Jost Hoppermann March 22, 2023
Poor risk management practices, a questionable corporate culture, and a long series of scandals created an explosive mix that led to Credit Suisse’s collapse and consequent acquisition by rival UBS. While each theme deserves its own analysis, the sum of these events provides a crisp example of how the bank undermined the very definition of trust that ultimately caused its collapse. Here, we discuss the implications of the “rescue” of Credit Suisse by UBS.

The Future Of Banking Requires Tech-Driven Innovation

Jost Hoppermann February 21, 2023
Over three-quarters of banks are increasing their spending on emerging technologies, creating the potential for hype and fear of missing out. Forrester identified nine emerging technologies that should be on the list of every bank, either now or later. We then organized them according to when firms can expect return on investment and provided details about the technologies and their use cases.

Distributed Ledger Technology In Banking — Neither Major Upheaval Nor Dead Silence

Jost Hoppermann January 25, 2023
Blockchain has added value for banks when filling white spaces or replacing inadequate solutions. Fully operational systems are few and far between.

Banking Functionality Doesn’t Differentiate Banking Software Anymore, But Technology And Ecosystems Do

Jost Hoppermann November 7, 2022
Functionality in retail and corporate banking is not highly differentiating anymore. In the future, only those that can support partner solutions in their ecosystem seamlessly can fully cope with banking industry’s expanding requirements.

Customer-Centricity And Personalization In Banking Need Product Externalization

Jost Hoppermann July 1, 2022
Application architectures in banks cannot afford to treat product-centricity as a stepchild, but need to focus on it as much as on customer-centricity. Product externalization helps banks move in this direction.

Success Of New-School Vendors Shows That Lean Core Banking Is Finally Here

Jost Hoppermann May 23, 2022
Modern banking platforms allow banks to elevate their customer experience and deliver more business value more seamlessly and more effectively. Banks and their technology teams can leverage market dynamics to make digital transformation more feasible both architecturally and economically. Find out about the key trends in the 2021 banking platform software market.

The Top Tech That Will Win Over Banks In 2022

Jost Hoppermann April 29, 2022
Banks are investing in a wide range of emerging technologies. Not all have equal potential today. Find out what’s hot and what’s not.

Forrester’s 2021 Financial Services Architecture Survey Needs Your Input

Jost Hoppermann September 28, 2021
Banks and other financial services firms always ask: “What are the others doing?” They leverage the answer to this question to assess their overall strategic position, compare their key challenges with those of others, and plan for the transformation of their application landscape to a more powerful customer-centric approach. Source: Financial Services Firms Have Solid […]

To Replace Or Not To Replace Core Banking Systems Is Not The Question

Jost Hoppermann July 28, 2021
Banks don't need new core banking systems, they need new paradigms to deliver core banking capabilities - and they need them today or tomorrow.

SAP’s Newly Independent Financial Services Entity Could Bring Lots Of Benefits To The Industry, But Will It?

Jost Hoppermann April 13, 2021
Today, SAP announced a strategic shift: Its financial services entity will become a separate firm. German investment company Dediq and SAP will form a separate financial services firm, which will be jointly owned by the two companies. The new firm is meant to take up its operations in the second half of 2021 and “fully […]

The Top Tech That Will Win Over Banks In 2021

Jost Hoppermann January 28, 2021
Banks are transforming their organizations with digital technologies. Forces such as emerging technology, fintechs, changing customer behavior, and the decomposition of the banking industry are influencing banking technology investment trends. The pandemic has further accelerated this change and introduced a greater focus on cost reduction. To learn how banks are planning to prioritize their technology […]

Sopra Steria Plans To Acquire Fidor Solutions To Push Its Digital Banking Engagement Platform Forward

Jost Hoppermann November 17, 2020
Earlier today, Sopra Steria announced its plans to acquire Fidor Solutions via its subsidiary Sopra Banking Software. Fidor Solutions is the technology subsidiary of Fidor Bank, a fintech that became part of Groupe BPCE in 2016. As a side note: Groupe BPCE is also in the process of selling Fidor Bank itself to the private […]

Banking Software Vendors Won’t Differentiate With Just Functionality For Long

Jost Hoppermann September 11, 2020
A few days ago, Forrester published two Forrester Wave™ reports, one focusing on retail banking, the other on corporate banking. With these Forrester Wave evaluations, we separated off-the-shelf banking back ends for retail and corporate banking for the first time. However, this was not the only first: We also introduced a new banking software category: […]

Lean Isn’t Always Lean: There Are Lean Cores And Lean Cores In Banking

Jost Hoppermann August 7, 2020
Understanding the lean-core concept is key to easing digital transformation challenges. Vice President Jost Hopperman clears up some of the confusion surrounding the concept.

Temenos Acquires Kony — Two Leaders Unite

Jost Hoppermann August 29, 2019
Yesterday, Temenos announced its acquisition of US vendor Kony. Both Kony and Temenos are Leaders in the recent “The Forrester Wave™: Digital Banking Engagement Platforms, Q3 2019.” This acquisition adds Kony Quantum, a low-code development platform, and Kony DBX to Temenos’ digital front-end product portfolio. Kony DBX is a digital banking engagement platform (DBEP), a […]

Why Temenos’ Acquisition Of A Small AI Software Vendor Is Relevant Beyond The Size Of Its Business

Jost Hoppermann July 17, 2019
Temenos has announced that it has acquired Logical Glue, a small vendor of financial-services-specific AI software covering use cases like credit scoring and underwriting. While Logical Glue has been successful on its own, Temenos has not acquired the firm because of the size of its business: Temenos is positioning the acquired software capabilities as an […]

Forrester’s Global Financial Services Architecture Online Survey

Luis Deya January 16, 2019
We’ve Kicked Off Some New Research, And We Need Your Help.  An important part of Forrester’s research process is gathering input from financial services companies so that we can advise our clients on the latest trends in the market. We’re currently fielding a survey for vendors, end users, and experts that will provide the key […]

Competition Heats Up In Banking Transformation Services

Oliwia Berdak December 4, 2018
After a few quiet years, Thought Machine, the fintech behind a new core banking platform called Vault, is stealing the limelight, first with its announcement of a strategic partnership with Lloyds Banking Group, then with a similar partnership with the digital bank Atom. And today we’ve learned about another partnership, this time with IBM. We […]

Banks Have A Variety Of Islamic Banking Platforms To Choose From

Jost Hoppermann July 8, 2016
The World Bank explains Islamic finance as “equity-based, asset-backed, ethical, sustainable, environmentally and socially responsible finance.” In previous Forrester research, we have described many of the core principles of Islamic banking: limitations on interest, certain contractual considerations, and the prevention of gambling — which limits many of the speculative aspects of financial services. These principles […]

Without Transformation, Banks Risk Shifting Down To Low-Speed Banking In 2015

Jost Hoppermann November 6, 2014
For several years, we have noted a shift in power from companies to customers. Customers call the shots; they can and do transfer their loyalty when they aren't catered to with engaging customer experiences. The age of the customer has reached the banking industry; as in other industries, banks must change the way they do […]
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