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It Ain’t Just AI: What We Saw At Google Cloud Next

Lee Sustar April 16, 2024
Google recently held its Google Cloud Next conference four months early to unveil new AI offerings and upstage its rivals. Get a detailed review of all of the announcements at the event in this post.

Learn About The Future Fit Transformation Underway In India At Our Technology & Innovation APAC Forum 2022

Ashutosh Sharma November 3, 2022
Firms across the globe are rushing to become adaptive, creative, and resilient by raising their IT maturity. This trend has picked up the pace in the past few years, and India is no exception. In fact, our research shows that a higher percentage of Indian firms (7% more) focus on having a dedicated emerging tech […]

Predictions 2023: Asia Pacific Firms Look To Balance Transformation With Customer And Employee Expectations

Ashutosh Sharma October 25, 2022
As APAC companies pursue new avenues for growth, they will need to align their actions with the needs of their most important stakeholders.

Build Your Emerging Tech Muscle

Ashutosh Sharma February 28, 2022
Learn how Forrester's ReCPI (Research, Communicate, Prove, and Integrate) framework helps drive emerging technology success.

Predictions 2021: Asia Pacific Will Lead The World Out Of COVID-19

Ashutosh Sharma October 14, 2020
Forrester analysts from across the Asia Pacific region provide insights on what to expect in the year 2021.

Why Do You Need To Adopt Tech-Driven Innovation? Join Us In Mumbai At The DT&I India 2019 Forum To Find Out

Ashutosh Sharma May 1, 2019
This May, we are turning up the heat again. As if the culmination of IPL 2019 and the month-long festival of democracy was not enough to make the month interesting, we will throng into Mumbai on May 28. The occasion: Forrester’s Digital Transformation & Innovation India 2019 Forum. We see that enterprises have come to […]

Join Us At Forrester’s Financial Services Summit 2018 In Mumbai On October 10

Ashutosh Sharma September 14, 2018
Jane Austen once said that her idea of good company is clever, well-informed people who have a great deal of conversation. With this delightful idea in mind, I request the pleasure of your company at the second edition of Forrester’s Financial Services Summit in Mumbai on October 10. As the host, I promise you great […]

TechMNxt Analyst Event — Tech Mahindra Unveils 3-4-3 Strategy

Ashutosh Sharma May 9, 2018
Tech Mahindra (TechM) hosted an analyst summit in Hyderabad, India in the month of April. The executive team unveiled its 3-4-3 strategy to repackage the firm’s existing services and offerings in a manner that will resonate with the buyers of digital services. Where do the 3-4-3 numbers come from? The first number 3 denotes the […]

Learn How To Elevate Digital At Forrester’s Digital Transformation India 2018 Forum

Ashutosh Sharma May 8, 2018
While the idea of digital has been around for years now, Indian firms are still at the beginner stage of digital maturity. Let’s face it: Being digital is hard, especially for executives who are yet to come to terms with the transformative impact it has on their organizations. Forrester’s Digital Transformation India 2018 forum is […]

Accelerate Your Digital Momentum At Forrester’s Digital Transformation Mumbai 2017

Ashutosh Sharma May 2, 2017
Forrester’s annual flagship India event Digital Transformation Mumbai 2017 is almost here. This exclusive event has grown over the years to become one of the most anticipated events for India’s senior business leaders. At last year’s event, we presented the right operating model for organizations to support their digital transformations: the customer-obsessed operating model. Our […]

India Jolts Its Cash Economy

Ashutosh Sharma November 10, 2016
Prime Minister Modi’s announcement of the demonetization of the large denomination bills is a significant initiative. While he indicated terror financing and corruption as the main causes for the initiative, there are many ramifications this move will have on legitimate business activities as well. India is known for its love of cash. Uber is primarily […]

Manufacturing Firms Could Do Better With A Focus On Customer Experience

Ashutosh Sharma October 14, 2016
Companies are turning to digital to do one of the three things: improve customer experience (CX) using digital technologies; improve their operational efficiency to better serve customers; and launch new business models. The manufacturing and industrial sectors are undergoing a similar transformation. In my recent discussions with leaders in this market, Industry 4.0 and smart […]

Digital Transformation Mumbai 2016 – Guest Q&A with Paul Cobban, DBS Bank

Ashutosh Sharma June 2, 2016
In my earlier blog post, I talked about why you should attend this year's Digital Transformation Mumbai 2016 Forum. With the event just around the corner, I'm very much looking forward to the various sessions that we have in store that will help India's most senior business leaders understand Forrester's research on the customer-obsessed operating […]

Join Us At DT Mumbai 2016: The Customer-Obsessed Operating Model Is Key To Your Digital Transformation

Ashutosh Sharma April 29, 2016
It’s that time of the year again. As we approach the month of June, Forrester brings its annual flagship India event Digital Transformation Mumbai 2016 to the country’s most senior business leaders. As Indian businesses become increasingly familiar with the importance of digital to their success, they often ask “Where do we start, and how […]