Insights For Customer Experience Measurement

Discover how to measure CX performance and prove ROI

Do you struggle to show the value of your customer experience efforts to your execs? Can you clearly link CX work to money made or saved for the business? Do you still search for metrics your C-suite cares about? Are you sure about next steps?

Track the right metrics and transform customer experience potential


The one question you must answer first to get execs to fund CX

To get your CX funding, start with money not metrics. This post tells you why and how to do it.

One metric matters to your execs. It is not NPS or anything you track.

Read this post and understand why money – saved or made – must be the metric you report on first.

How to build a CX business case your C-suite will eagerly embrace

Discover the two key aspects of a CX business case that your execs will want to believe in and fund.

Do you know the dollar value of better CX? We do.

Read this post for a quick summary of our research. Learn to show the impact of better CX in three steps.

Eliminate the mistake CX pros constantly make when asking for budget

Learn how to talk first about how much you’ll save or make, not how much you’ll spend. Read this post. 

Use This Two-Minute Lesson To Get Your CX Funding

The way you typically ask for CX funding is built to fail. Learn why, and how to easily avoid that mistake.


It’s easier than you may think to prove the $ value of your CX work

Learn five simple steps to quantify and prove the ability of CX to drive revenue growth. Read this blog.

Want your CX budget funded? Learn how to prove ROI to your C-suite

Execs want to know how your CX efforts will make or save money. Learn how to tell them. Watch this video.

Forrester e-book - Capturing The ROI Of CX

Get Your Execs To Fund Customer Experience. Use This ROI Model

Read our guide. Learn the four concrete steps to an ROI model that will get your CX initiatives funded.

Proving CX ROI is easier than you think. See how. Watch this webinar.

Learn how to make the case for your CX efforts so compelling, execs will want to fund and support you.

Tell a story with your metrics that will turn execs into CX champions

Learn how the right CX metrics can help your company embrace change and adopt customer-centric behaviors.


Are your survey response rates dropping? Here’s why…

When customers see surveys today, they cringe. Read this post to know where to look now for actionable data.

How to measure value for customers

Many CX leaders misunderstand how customers derive value. Don’t be one of them. Watch this two-minute insight.


There’s good news for you and other CX leaders in our US CX Index 2021

Last year, CX improved across many industries. Look at our infographic to see if yours is among the winners!

Discover Why Customer Value Measurement  Fails  And How To Fix It

Your customers see “value” differently. Get on the same page. Read Measure The Value You Deliver To Customers.

Revitalize customer experience measurement and transform performance

Are you using the right metrics to help serve customers and the business? Be sure. Read our guide.


Prove the business value of customer experience. These firms did.

Check out this infographic. See what’s possible when you align CX initiatives with business success goals.

Focus on customer experiences that matter most to business outcomes

See how to use data to know which CX projects will drive results and to gain alignment around your strategy.


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