Maxie Schmidt, Principal Analyst

Show Notes:

Executives have a million priorities and a thousand budget requests to tackle. How do you ensure that your customer experience (CX) initiative gets the support and approval needed to make real progress? Start with a CX business case that combines a compelling financial story with empathy.

On this episode of What It Means, Principal Analyst Maxie Schmidt discusses how a successful CX transformation starts with a business case that melds hard and soft skills. CX pros do best by combining financial acumen with an astute understanding of what motivates executives and other stakeholders.

Fortunately, CX pros don’t have do all this legwork alone. For example, someone in the CFO’s office may be willing to give a peak behind the curtain of what financial metrics are of highest priority or even double-check proposed business-case numbers. Listen to the full episode to get tips that will make your next business case your strongest.