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Achieve the benefits of artificial intelligence to gather insight from data with less risk and more ROI. Start with Forresters insights for AI and data leaders. Explore our resources for research and advice on advancing to AI-driven operations that you can trust.

Deliver on a transformation vision

Today’s technology architecture and delivery leaders are tasked with delivering on the tech-forward visions of their organization’s business and technology leaders. Building an architecture practice that drives change, growth, and differentiation requires timely yet strategic decisions. We have assembled some resources that will guide you along the journey to enabling future state technology capabilities.


Here's how you can enable digital transformation.

Read Get Your Tech Focused On Growth and discover how you can deliver on the bold vision of your business leaders. See how to build shared accountability and accelerate transformation — plus two ways to make a quick impact.


Put data mesh to work.

How do we move from the academic to the pragmatic and define data mesh in a way that allows data architects to realize return on data?

Prepare for an AI-first data approach

Shifting your mindset about data can accelerate innovation. Our experts weigh in with practical considerations and insights.


Join the connected world with data and AI.

Discover the three things business and technology leaders should expect when pushing ahead with connected intelligence strategies.

On-Demand Webinar

Avoid the data pitfalls of connected intelligence.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how to bring edge and AI insight together with connected intelligence and a data mesh. 


Discover eight essentials for an AI-first data strategy.

Delivering new AI-driven experiences based on emerging technologies requires the right approach to data. Learn how the right framework can help you get there.


What is AI's role in driving creativity and innovation?

Find out how AI can augment and increase creativity within your organization to foster the kind of innovation that will set you apart.


Understand the new roadmap for responsible AI.

When the Business Roundtable released its AI roadmap, it answered a lot of questions — but also created some new ones. We help you break it down.

See AI in practice

What does AI look like in today’s forward-thinking organizations? Take a closer look.


See 5 enterprise-changing AI advances.

Forrester has uncovered five new advances that could greatly change AI adoption. See what they are, how they can be leveraged, and who is putting them to work.


Why rigorous testing of AI applications is critical — and how to do it.

Watch a Forrester principal analyst discuss the value of testing your AI-infused applications and outline a strategic framework for getting it done.


Why and how should you test AI applications?

As more and more organizations adopt AI to become smarter, faster, and more creative, those that rigorously test will be the most successful.


Learn best practices for reducing the likelihood of bias.

With more than 20 different mathematical representations of fairness, how do you know which criteria you should apply when? We take a closer look.


Meet the Forrester analysts leading our tech research.

Want more insight into how and where to invest in technology? Get to know the Forrester analysts who deliver research and guidance on strategies for growing with cloud, data, and AI.

Forrester Decisions for Technology Architecture & Delivery

Forrester’s new research portfolio provides the insights, tools and frameworks, and expert guidance you need to bring your organization’s technology vision to life.

See how we can help you make faster, bolder decisions that will set you up to be creative, adaptive, and resilient — and help you become a key player when it comes to driving business growth in your organization.

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