Predictions 2020

A complimentary Forrester online event

2020 will be marked by volatility and rapid change — and a healthy dose of built-up potential energy. Long-held assumptions will crumble as new ways take hold, providing ample opportunity for those able to adapt.

Join Forrester thought leaders to explore the dynamics that will shape 2020 and beyond. Gain a deeper understanding of what’s likely to affect the markets. Plus, discover how to be adaptive and capitalize on these dynamics to drive growth.

Here’s a sneak peek of a few topics we’ll discuss in the complimentary online event:

  • How evolving consumer needs and expectations will shape their approach to brands and technology.
  • Why the race to monetize CX will lead to triumph for some firms and disaster for others.
  • How firms are balancing the growing importance of an enterprise data strategy and rising security threats and privacy-aware consumers.

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