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Have We Run Out Of Super Bowl Ideas?

Jay Pattisall February 16, 2022
There was an abundance of A-list talent in last Sunday night's ads, but an absence of A-list ideas. It's time to think about how to differentiate.

The Super Bowl Makes A Comeback In 2022

Jay Pattisall February 10, 2022
Last Years’ Super Bowl Fizzled The Super Bowl is due for a comeback, as the luster of “the big game” has waned over time. Last year’s viewership, originally reported at 92,000,000, was the smallest Super Bowl audience since 2007 — an audience that has dropped steadily since 2015, when a record 114,000,000 Americans tuned in. […]

Why Holding Companies Matter More Than Agencies

Jay Pattisall January 11, 2022
CMOs’ Agency Buying Behavior Signals More Centralized Global Marketing Solutions To Come In 2021, seven major agency reviews worth over $7 billion went to integrated, centralized global marketing teams. Cigna Health, Coca-Cola, Facebook, Mercedes, Philips, Planet Fitness, and Walmart each ran agency reviews in 2021 resulting in hiring a global marketing company to manage creative, […]

Media Agency Reviews Are Coming In 2022

Jay Pattisall January 11, 2022
Forty-one percent of CMOs will conduct a media agency review in 2022, because reaching and influencing customers and prospects is fundamental to success, yet engaging consumers has never been more complex. From increasingly strict data privacy in government and big tech to tectonic shifts in consumers’ digital behaviors to the innovation programs to meet consumers […]

Predictions 2022: Agencies Face Enigmatic Twists On Talent And Creativity

Jay Pattisall October 28, 2021
In 2022, advertising agencies will face an acute talent shortage of no less than 50,000 employees, just when human ingenuity matters most. Discover how the best agencies will adapt.

Predictions 2022: CMOs Emerge As Emboldened Business Leaders

Mike Proulx October 26, 2021


Solving The “Do More With Less” Marketing Paradox: Human Plus Technology Equivalents

Jay Pattisall October 4, 2021
The “Do More With Less” Paradox Is No Longer Sustainable Approximately half of C-suite professionals prioritize growing revenue. Meanwhile, CMOs have long been expected to acquire more customers with less marketing. Yet, four in 10 executives prioritize reducing costs. So, how will the C-suite grow revenue? New customer acquisition tops the list. Then, if you […]

The Race For Growth Is On

Ted Schadler September 28, 2021
How will your firm grow and succeed when your competitors have access to the same resources? Find out in this sneak preview of our upcoming Technology & Innovation event.

Focus On The Customer And Spare The Stagwell-MDC Partners Merger Drama

Jay Pattisall June 25, 2021
Last week, shareholders of MDC Partners successfully delayed a special meeting of the board of directors and shareholders to vote on a proposed merger with the Stagwell Group’s Stagwell Media. At the heart of this matter are demands for more shareholder compensation and concerns over control of the new company by Stagwell Group Founding Partner […]

An Agency Decision Is A Technology Decision

Joe Stanhope June 23, 2021
Companies that rely on agencies are, by extension, reliant on their agency’s technology capabilities. Our new research helps buyers evaluate agencies' technology strategies so they can make the right choice.

Creativity Catalyzes A Growth Mindset In Business

Jay Pattisall April 22, 2021
Firms that embrace creativity as a way of thinking and working to supercharge their individual and collective problem-solving can develop potent products, services, processes, and experiences. You must develop and codify it in your company's teams, mindset, and practices. Learn how to apply creativity as an operating principle to fuel their business.

The Collision Of Precision And Persuasion: Rethink The Customer Lifecycle

Jay Pattisall March 16, 2021
The separation of media and creative execution 40 years ago sent the advertising industry spiraling. Advertising’s perception has devolved from entertaining to annoying, investment to commodity, channels organized to communication everywhere, and audiences obtainable to users elusive. Savvy marketers are actively seeking solutions to join the lower and upper funnels of marketing as a means […]

Intelligent Creativity Overhauls The Creative Process

Jay Pattisall March 2, 2021
When technology and human ingenuity combine the result is Intelligent Creativity, a process that will redefine the how, who, and what of today's marketing.

Four Takeaways From The Super (Advertising) Bowl

Jim Nail February 8, 2021
By the end of the third quarter, there wasn’t much doubt about the outcome of the game. But suspense lingered about how the ads would perform in this high-stakes contest for brands and their agencies. Advertising holds up a mirror to society, nowhere more than the premier advertising event of the year, the Super Bowl. […]

For Super Bowl LV Advertisers, It Pays To Be Brave

Jay Pattisall February 4, 2021
Sitting out this year’s Super Bowl may be the safe call for advertisers. Those brave enough to bring America levity in its moment of darkness, however, will reap the rewards.

Predictions 2021: Agencies Swarm Talent With Technology

Jay Pattisall October 28, 2020
Agencies in 2021 will begin to resemble software companies, offering combinations of creative and media products bundled with the services to manage them. Read our predictions for agencies in 2021.

The Smaller, Smarter Future Of Agencies

Jay Pattisall October 15, 2020
The future of the “agency” is being shaped by technology. The belief that artificial intelligence and machines will displace human labor is pervasive across many industries. For agencies, embracing artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligent automation (IA) comes with trepidation that the human side of creativity will be forever lost. Even though AI tantalizes marketers with […]

The Organizational Obstacles Of In-Housing Media

Jay Pattisall September 23, 2020
Ever since the release of the Association of National Advertisers’ K2 Report on media transparency, marketers and firms have looked for better mechanisms to control their media. For ambitious companies, the desire for more impact has led some to in-house media. The prospect of an in-house team of media-savvy professionals maximizing the firm’s buying power […]

Publicis Groupe’s Money-Back Performance Guarantee Shifts The Agency/Brand Economic Model From Paying For People To Paying For Performance

Jay Pattisall April 30, 2020
Publicis Groupe announced today the creation of “The Pact, Powered by Epsilon,” a new digital media planning and buying service that offers money-back performance commitments that guarantee the business outcomes from digital marketing campaigns. The introduction of The Pact is a timely move to give brands a mechanism to manage the risk of marketing during […]

FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

Emily Collins March 16, 2020
Pandemic Forces Agencies To Rethink Employee Experience A slew of industry event cancellations and delays — such as the live network upfronts, Advertising Week Europe, or the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity — is forcing marketers and their agencies to rethink how to best work during a pandemic. With most agency holding companies deferring travel and […]
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