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Announcing Our Inaugural AI Foundation Models For Language Forrester Wave™ — 21 Criteria To Consider, Beyond Benchmarks

Mike Gualtieri June 5, 2024
In our inaugural evaluation, The Forrester Wave™: AI Foundation Models For Language, Q2 2024, we break down large language model (LLM) model offering, strategy, and market presence across 21 criteria for 10 providers. Get a preview of the report including four things you should be looking for in a model here.

Embrace Reinvention To Drive Growth: Five Key Takeaways From Forrester’s B2B Summit North America 2024

Srividya Sridharan June 4, 2024
Last month’s event set the stage for navigating the frenetic pace of change in B2B and capitalizing on growth opportunities. Read our top five takeaways.

B2B Summit North America 2024: Your Ticket To Turning Disruption Into Growth

Srividya Sridharan January 23, 2024
Explore the strategies and tools needed to drive customer-obsessed growth at our premier event for B2B marketing, sales, and product teams.

How B2B Marketing, Sales, And Product Can Align To Drive Growth In 2024

Srividya Sridharan August 8, 2023
Planning season is the perfect time for B2B revenue engine leaders to address common challenges, share functional insights and competencies, and build a customer-obsessed growth strategy.

Launch Your B2B Customer-Obsessed Growth Engine

Srividya Sridharan March 7, 2023
Short-term strategies aimed at extracting value from your customers will fail. Learn why you need — and how to build — a growth engine that drives value for your customers and your company.

The Top Five Reasons To Attend B2B Summit North America 2023

Srividya Sridharan February 22, 2023
Over 100 analyst-led sessions, detailed case studies and success stories, and unparalleled networking opportunities are just a few of the things that B2B marketing, sales, and product leaders can expect at this year’s event.

The Insights Beat: Time To Spring Into Action, Clean Up Your Data, And Make It Blossom!

Srividya Sridharan March 24, 2022
As the leaves start to grow again and the weather warms up, what better time than now to do some much-needed spring cleaning of your data and insights practices? In this edition of the Insights Beat, we dive into our Q1 research in data, analytics, and AI that highlights the best approach to get more […]

Build Your Insights Capabilities To Leapfrog Competition

Boris Evelson February 14, 2022
Insights are critical for delivering the experiences that customers demand. Learn what it takes to become a more insights-driven business.

Predictions 2022: Successfully Riding The Next Wave Of AI

Srividya Sridharan October 28, 2021


The Insights Beat: Time To Reeducate Your Organization On Data

Srividya Sridharan September 12, 2021
(coauthored with Research Associate Fayzan Sabri) The end of summer and beginning of fall is an exciting, yet tumultuous time for both parents and kids alike. Summer camps have ended, vacation time is over, and children have returned to school. Employees and firms heave a heavy sigh to acclimatize to an evolving hybrid work life. […]

Make The Uncertain Certain: Join Us At Our Data Strategy & Insights Event

Srividya Sridharan September 1, 2021
Join us November 18–19, 2021, to learn best practices for producing connected, clear data insights that drive business outcomes. Discover what attendees will get at this year's Data Strategy & Insights.

The Insights Beat: Renew Your Insights-Driven Aspirations This Year

Srividya Sridharan April 5, 2021
After a brief hiatus, the Insights Beat blog series is back, where I will continue to feature and curate the latest research and thought leadership from our business insights, data, analytics, and AI research team. It’s been a fast start to the year, and there is so much amazing research that the team has published […]

Predictions 2021: The Time Is Now For AI To Shine

Srividya Sridharan October 22, 2020
In 2021, business and IT leaders will be forced to tackle some long-lingering AI challenges head on to successfully emerge from the pandemic. Read Forrester's AI predictions to learn more.

Come For The Insight, Stay For The Impact

Srividya Sridharan September 10, 2020
Get an overview of the tracks and sessions at the upcoming Forrester Data Strategy & Insights live virtual event.

Move From Insight To Impact: Data Strategy & Insights 2020

Srividya Sridharan September 3, 2020
The digital future is here. And data, analytics, and AI are going to drive this future. These capabilities are becoming more crucial to stay ahead of uncertainty and change and get smarter about every aspect of your business: your customers, your suppliers and partners, your competitors, your employees, your processes, your operations, and your markets. It Pays […]

FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

Emily Collins June 15, 2020
A Flash-Point Week For Facial Recognition Last week, IBM, Amazon, and Microsoft came out and made some big announcements on how they intend to halt or ban the use of facial recognition technology for law enforcement. At a time when privacy and civil rights dominate the zeitgeist, these values-based decisions will force much-needed dialogue on the ethics of facial recognition […]

A Flash-Point Week For Facial Recognition

Srividya Sridharan June 11, 2020
Our analysts address the five most pressing questions in the facial recognition debate.

The Insights Beat: Data And Analytics Make The Perfect One-Two Punch

Srividya Sridharan May 15, 2020
Spring is usually an exciting time in the sports world. It marks the culmination of the men’s and women’s college basketball seasons, the NBA and NHL playoffs begin, the domestic European soccer (football) leagues are in full swing, and the Boston Marathon traditionally takes place on the third Monday of April. But the COVID-19 crisis […]

Create Meaningful Measurement, Not A Mess Of Metrics

Srividya Sridharan April 21, 2020
Before we drown in dashboard dystopia, let’s swing the pendulum back to create meaningful metrics and measurement that will move your business forward and at the same time drive the outcomes that your customers want. At Forrester’s Customer Experience North America virtual event on June 16–18, we have an entire track dedicated to meaningful measurement where we’ll explore how both CX professionals and marketers can up their measurement game across six dimensions.

The Insights Beat: Spring Has Sprung — Get Your Data And Analytics Tools In Order

Srividya Sridharan April 10, 2020
The time of year has finally arrived when the sun lingers on the horizon longer and longer, life creeps back into the trees, and weather forecasts look much more favorable. But this normally welcome period of seasonal change coincides with unprecedented change in how we are forced to conduct business. In the midst of the […]
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