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Nominate Your Organization For Forrester’s Security & Risk Enterprise Leadership Award

Joseph Blankenship July 27, 2023
In June, Forrester announced our inaugural Security & Risk Enterprise Leadership Award. Today, we’re extending the deadline for submissions to September 12 to give applicants time to finish their much-needed summer vacations and complete the application process. The Security & Risk Enterprise Leadership Award will recognize organizations — and their leaders — that have transformed the […]

Technology Leaders Must Drive The Green Market Revolution, Not Watch From The Stands

Stephanie Balaouras July 17, 2023
We don’t always think about the carbon footprint and environmental impact of information technology. Read more in our latest blog post.

Announcing Forrester’s Security & Risk Enterprise Leadership Award

Stephanie Balaouras June 21, 2023
Forrester is thrilled to announce its inaugural Security & Risk Enterprise Leadership Award, which will recognize security organizations that have transformed the security, privacy, and risk management functions to fuel long-term success. Learn how to apply here.

Climate Adaptation Demands New Skills, Technology, And Commitment

Stephanie Balaouras April 21, 2023
Climate change impacts of this century are irreversible, and they will likely only worsen. Learn the skills, tech, and commitment needed for climate adaptation.

The SVB Crisis Highlights The Importance Of Resilience And The Imperative Of Trust

Stephanie Balaouras March 14, 2023
While the long-term implications of the Silicon Valley Bank collapse are still unfolding, technology and digital business leaders can learn some valuable lessons about resilience, innovation, and trust.

The Green Market Revolution Encompasses The Hundreds Of Billions Needed For Climate Adaptation

Stephanie Balaouras October 18, 2022
Adapting to the new reality of climate change will mean massive investment from governments and corporations. Here’s nine categories where that investment should go.

The US Is Spending Nearly Half Of A Trillion Dollars On Climate And Infrastructure, Seeding The Green Market Revolution

Amy DeMartine August 15, 2022
Forrester’s research team reviews the major business implications of the Inflation Reduction Act.

As The Abortion Debate Ramps Up, Companies Must Support The Diverse Needs Of Their Employees And Customers

Katy Tynan May 10, 2022
The Supreme Court’s leaked draft opinion on Roe v. Wade has intensified calls for brands to respond to the abortion debate. But your primary focus should be on your employees and your customers.

Don’t Hit The Curb — Instead, Curb The Risk Of Emerging Technologies In 2022!

Andras Cser February 4, 2022
Find out why these five technology categories are causing security decision-makers the most concern.

The Trust Imperative

Stephanie Balaouras May 12, 2021


Corporate Climate Action Tech Heats Up

Stephanie Balaouras December 1, 2020
Learn how technology can help optimize your firm's response to the climate crisis.

Infections Are Surging In The US, China, And Brazil — Exercise Caution In Your Return-To-Work Plan

Stephanie Balaouras June 18, 2020
Learn six important insights that will help your business plan a safe and productive return to work from the pandemic.

Many Of Your Employees Won’t Return To The Office, So Learn How To Support A Remote Workforce Permanently

Andrew Hewitt June 12, 2020
To make your remote workforce thrive, you must look to scale those solutions that maximize the productivity of your remote workers, meet their needs, and maintain security. To help in this challenging task, we’ve pulled together a collection of Forrester's research that will enable our clients to support their remote workforce with the best possible employee experience.

Address Legal, Regulatory, And Operational Risks For The Return To Work

Heidi Shey June 10, 2020
In addition to government guidelines, firms must consider a number of other factors in bringing employees back to work. Here are four areas you might not be thinking about.

Answering The Top Return-To-Work Questions For Our Government Clients

Stephanie Balaouras May 13, 2020
Learn more about translating social distancing guidelines to the workplace, providing safe commuting options, and more.

Business Resilience Is No Longer Optional

Stephanie Balaouras May 12, 2020
In the 2020s, the aftermath of the pandemic and ongoing systemic risk will force every company to become much more resilient. In fact, we believe that resilience — the ability to deliver on your mission and vision regardless of any kind of crisis or disruption, be it extreme weather, political upheaval, cyberattack, or the next disease outbreak — will become a competitive advantage.

Today’s The 50th Anniversary Of Earth Day, And The Theme Is Climate Action

Stephanie Balaouras April 22, 2020
Today, on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations are at an all-time high. But as people around the world stay at home to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, levels of toxic emissions have dropped by as much as 60% in some areas, giving many a taste of how the […]

Entering The New Normal: How To Safely Bring Your Workforce Back

Stephanie Balaouras April 20, 2020
New Pandemic Management Protocols provide guidance on how to bring employees back to work safely and effectively.

Governance, Risk, And Compliance Platforms Support Innovation And Are Critical In Turbulent Times

Stephanie Balaouras March 13, 2020
In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vice President Stephanie Balaouras provides guidance for organizations evaluating GRC platforms.

Why The Private Sector Will Play An Increasingly Bigger Role In Climate Change And Sustainability

Stephanie Balaouras February 24, 2020
In 2017, the US, famously and controversially, made the decision to withdraw from the Paris climate change agreement. And some of the 187 countries that remain in the agreement are struggling to meet their commitments. Recently, Australia came under international criticism for proposing to use a dubious accounting method to meet its 2030 carbon reduction […]
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