Insights For Better Annual Marketing Planning

Uplevel Your B2B Marketing Plan

Gain more confidence in your B2B marketing planning. Start with Forrester’s annual planning insights for B2B marketing leaders. Browse our resources to take the guesswork out of annual planning, with tools to help you transform marketing goals into winning outcomes.


Don’t Pull Back On B2B Marketing Spend Just Yet

Access our 2023 planning guide for B2B marketing executives to explore the risks of reactionary budget pullbacks and the power of strategic investments to drive long-term growth.


2023 planning questions for B2B marketing leaders

Read our blog to explore the five top 2023 marketing planning questions to ask and how B2B marketing leaders can approach their budget planning with success.


Find a better approach to annual marketing planning

Discover a structured process for developing a sound B2B marketing plan that can help you weather uncertainty.


Starting your annual planning: gathering the right information

Learn how to assemble the elements of your marketing plan to create a roadmap for success.


Assembling your marketing plan

You’ve gathered the details you need to build your marketing plan. Now, learn how to structure the information so that you have a clear roadmap for success.


In B2B, the buying group rules now. Learn to adapt to this new reality

Understand how to identify, attract, engage, and convert opportunities — not leads — for marketing success.


Seven steps to an effective annual marketing plan

Download this e-book to explore Forrester’s seven-step guide to developing an effective marketing plan.


Alignment is key to a great annual plan

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear Forrester analysts share the latest research and insights on the planning key areas that marketing leaders must prioritize.


How B2B CMOs can spend to succeed in 2023

Listen to VP and Principal Analyst Barbie Mattie discusses Forrester’s 2023 planning guide for B2B marketing executives and its spending recommendations.

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Yes, you can build an actionable annual marketing plan on one page

Use Forrester’s Marketing Plan On A Page to deliver a plan everyone can understand, align to, and successfully use.


Don’t make these annual planning mistakes

Learn how to create a flawless annual plan that delivers business outcomes and shows marketing ROI.


Discover the power of connecting your marketing strategy and plan

Find your marketing happy place with this on-demand webinar.


How to solve misalignments in budgeting and planning so you save time, money, and agita

Read this blog to know how the Strategic Budget Allocation Process works.

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Use these six steps to maximize the impact of your marketing spend

End misalignments between your marketing planning and budget processes.