Insights For Better Annual Marketing Planning

Make your planning process a foundation for business success.

Build an annual B2B marketing plan that advances business objectives and focuses marketing efforts. Get advice for driving the alignment needed to deliver growth.


Learn why 2023 planning isn't business as usual

Get our planning guide for analyst insight into how and where marketing leaders are investing for 2023 success. 


Drive growth with these B2B marketing 2023 budget trends

Learn how CMOs are investing for the year ahead.

Find a better approach to annual marketing planning

Discover a structured process for developing a sound B2B marketing plan that can help you weather uncertainty.

Starting your annual planning: gathering the right information

Learn how to assemble the elements of your marketing plan to create a roadmap for success.

Assembling your marketing plan

You've gathered the details you need to build your marketing plan. Now, learn how to structure the information so that you have a clear roadmap for success.

How B2B CMOs can spend to succeed in 2023

Listen to VP and Principal Analyst Barbie Mattie discusses Forrester’s 2023 planning guide for B2B marketing executives and its spending recommendations.

Discover the power of connecting your marketing strategy and plan

Find your marketing happy place with this on-demand webinar


If your marketing plan isn’t tied to a marketing strategy that’s rooted in the pursuit of business goals, you have a bunch of tactics without a unifying purpose.

That lack of alignment between what your organization needs from you and how you’ll make it happen is a big reason why “annual” marketing plans are often discarded long before a year passes.

If you struggle to connect your marketing strategy to planning and execution, watch Marketing Strategy And Planning to find your marketing happy place with this on-demand webinar.


In B2B, the buying group rules now. Learn to adapt to this new reality.

Understand how to identify, attract, engage, and convert opportunities — not leads — for marketing success.


Frustrated with your annual marketing plan?

Does your annual marketing plan gather dust instead of generating revenue? Read this blog and learn how a dynamic marketing planning approach can help.

Seven steps to an effective annual marketing plan

Download this e-book to explore Forrester’s seven-step guide to developing an effective marketing plan.


Alignment is key to a great annual plan

Watch our webinar to hear Principal Analyst David Parry explore Forrester’s Marketing Plan on a Page and showcase a relevant case study.

Marketing Plan

Yes, you can build an actionable annual marketing plan on one page

Use Forrester’s Marketing Plan On A Page to deliver a plan everyone can understand, align to, and successfully use.


Don’t make these annual planning mistakes

Learn how to create a flawless annual plan that delivers business outcomes and shows marketing ROI.


How to solve misalignments in budgeting and planning so you save time, money, and agita

Read this blog to know how the Strategic Budget Allocation Process works.

Use these six steps to maximize the impact of your marketing spend

End misalignments between your marketing planning and budget processes.


Six steps to improve planning with laser-focused targeting

To drive more wins at the bottom of the funnel, spend more time thinking about who you target at the top. 

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