Orchestrate An Adaptive IT Organization

Create a nimble tech organization that delivers resources on demand for changing priorities. Start with Forresters insights for tech infrastructure leaders. Browse our resources for ways to modernize tech operations with accelerated outcomes. 

Establish a high-performing IT operating model

To meet customer demand and deliver on the promise of emerging technologies, it’s time to reimagine your IT operating model to ensure it delivers maximum customer value. Take a look at why this approach is critical and how to get there.


Is your IT operating model a speed bump in waiting?  

Your IT operating models can improve your technology organization’s overall adaptiveness and ability to meet new demands.

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Learn how to drive organizational success with your IT model.

Why should you step back, assess your IT operating model, and create one that puts customers first. Your success depends on it.


Is your IT operating model MIA?

Listen to our podcast to learn why an iterative IT operating model is mission-critical to your organization’s success – and how Forrester’s Tech Value Loop can help. 

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Does your IT operating model deliver maximum customer value? 

Join this session to discover why you should step back, assess your entire IT operating model, and create one that puts customers first.

Build a high-performing team

Essential to delivering a high-performance organization is having the right talent. But who are the right people to fulfill your vision, and how do you find them? Our team offers some insights.

Forrester Tech Talent Strategy Guide

Power Resiliency With A New Tech Talent Strategy

Find the right talent to power your tech org through change. Get Forrester’s four-step guide to managing your way through the tech talent crunch.

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Get ahead of global EA trends

Explore the global state of enterprise architecture to see if your EA is leading or lagging peer benchmarks.

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Find the best tech talent in Europe.

Uncover the top cities for sourcing tech talent in order to help you build a high-performing organization.


Are skill clusters the solution to the next tech crunch?

Hear our experts discuss a new report that identifies and ranks Europe’s top talent regions, or “skill clusters.”


Understand how skill requirements are changing across Europe.

Are you prepared for a fundamental transformation of your skills base?

Shape your modern tech strategy

After the disruption of the past few years, chances are, you’re looking to evaluate your technology with an eye toward a more volatile future. Our experts offer practical insights and guidance that will help you understand what a flexible, modern tech strategy should look like.


Is your tech ready for customer obsession?

Your customers expect flawless digital experiences your legacy-strapped technology organization can’t deliver. Read our guide. Learn how to fix that problem.


Be inspired by real-life examples to innovate with technology.

See how the pandemic sparked innovation, illustrated by stories of real-life successes.

Case Study

See how Standard Chartered Bank avoids digital sameness.

Standard Chartered Bank puts customers first in its tech strategy, avoids digital sameness, and stands out as a digital leader in a crowded market.

Learn how to implement future fit technology

A future fit tech strategy is a customer-obsessed approach to technology that enables a company to quickly reconfigure business structures and capabilities to meet future customer and employee needs with adaptivity, creativity, and resilience. These resources will help you get started.


Transform your IT to deliver a future fit technology strategy.

Today, we can clearly define the four competencies that you need to build out a future fit technology model at your organization.

Explore them.


Learn how to choose tech that delivers business value.

What tech choices do high-growth firms make to fuel growth that’s 300% faster than industry competitors?


Can practices deliver what processes can’t?

Struggling to move beyond agile and scale innovation across your organization? Learn how establishing new practices can help.

Forrester Decisions for Technology Executives

Forrester’s new research portfolio helps leaders execute a future fit strategy that empowers the business to stay ahead of disruption and risk, capitalize on new opportunities, and grow faster than the competition.


Introducing Forrester Decisions for Tech Executives.

Hear VP and Senior Research Director Matt Guarini describe how Forrester Decisions will help you become future fit.


Take a closer look at Forrester Decisions.

Through close integration of bold vision, curated tools and frameworks, and hands-on guidance, Forrester Decisions for Technology Executives will help you define and execute a future fit tech strategy.


Trust the technology experts the industry turns to.

Leading tech pubs turn to Forrester analysts for informed guidance on tech trends and IT strategies.


Find out what our clients have to say.

Our clients say working with Forrester is different.

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