Fiona Mark, Principal Analyst and Bobby Cameron, VP, Principal Analyst

Show Notes:

It might not get a lot of headlines or spur controversy online, but the right operating model may be the one thing your IT organization needs to finally be seen as a value-driver instead of a cost center. In this episode, analysts Fiona Mark and Bobby Cameron discuss the importance of finding the right operating model for your organization.

For starters, Mark emphasizes that being able to build a customized operating model that takes into account an organization’s unique pressures and requirements is key. “We really understand that each organization is unique and there’s not one single ‘best’ operating model out there,” she says. The most successful models treat employees as customers, just like the external customers that buy and consume your products and services.

Instituting an operating model that focuses on value delivery instead of cost can change the role of the technology leader and the entire technology organization. “They move from being an order-taker and a utility that is constantly trying to deliver a request … to being a partner in delivering value,” Cameron says. An IT organization that’s solely focused on executing at low cost will simply never get to that point.

The episode also touches on how Forrester’s Tech Value Loop model can help tech executives generate true business value from technology. And as Mark points out, improving your operating model should be a continuous, iterative process, not a one-and-done affair.

The episode closes with each analyst providing their top examples of firms that have changed organizational models to adapt to business challenges. Be sure to stick around to get best-practice examples from Haier, Lloyds Banking Group, Mastercard, Nestlé, Procter & Gamble, and VistaPrint.