Meet One Of Our Technology Analysts

Michele Pelino, Principal Analyst

Michele Pelino isn’t new to IoT; she’s been covering it in various ways as an analyst for 20 years. She advises clients on ways to embrace IoT and edge computing, sharing her connected asset business insight. She is an expert in edge computing, IoT, smart buildings, smart cities, and 5G networks. Her expertise spans retail, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and logistics. Her more recent research includes IoT heatmaps and evaluating the four edges that define the market.

Get to know Michele. Watch this 4-minute video to learn:

  • How being a former Forrester client makes her a better analyst.
  • Ways she helps clients apply IoT and edge computing to their unique business.
  • Advice she offers for building a value chain of solutions.
  • Guidance she gives to help clients determine the right IoT and edge use cases.
  • How Forrester Decisions and guidance sessions help her support client outcomes.

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