Grid & Spacing

Creating fluid organization for consistent brand application

The following guidelines are for Forrester’s employees and agencies. Using them will ensure consistent experiences across all touchpoints and strengthen Forrester’s brand value.

For usage of the Forrester brand by Forrester clients, please refer to our Citation Policy.

Our grid system provides underlying structure

Using a grid system in design allows for uniformity and familiarity in both print and digital. As a time-tested approach to design, the grid provides structure and guidance for all creative decision-making.

The Forrester design system integrates ample whitespace into our column grid, allowing our audience to navigate the design with ease while giving our content respect and room to breathe.

Benefits of the grid system
When instituted correctly, the grid allows us to:

  • Organize our content and control the pace of how the content is presented, ensuring a visual rhythm.
  • Ensure consistency of layout across different devices and mediums.
  • Increase levels of comprehension and improve readability and scannability.
  • Preserve our brand and design aesthetic.

Using the grid system

Our grid system depends on the use of whitespace. When used properly, it improves the effectiveness of visual communications.

Content-to-whitespace ratios

Whitespace — space between elements — is not always “white” in color. It can be any of our brand colors, images, graphic elements, or a careful balance of all these components.

The ratio of content to whitespace will vary depending on the type of communication. Technical brochures and legal documents might fall into the text-heavy category, while public-facing and marketing-focused pieces might contain a lighter amount of content.

Final Layout

Before laying out content:

  • Know your use case. Understand how this content will be consumed.
  • Prioritize your content. Organize your content to highlight the most important.
  • Group related content together. Make it easier for your audience to understand the content.

Client and event sponsor usage

Use of the Forrester logo and brandmarks is subject to review and approval by the Citations team. See our Citation Policy for more information or contact the Citations team at