Elevating content with visual harmony

The following guidelines are for Forrester’s employees and agencies. Using them will ensure consistent experiences across all touchpoints and strengthen Forrester’s brand value.

For usage of the Forrester brand by Forrester clients, please refer to our Citation Policy.

Anatomy of a Forrester collage

Key themes from written content inspire our associated collage-style illustrations. Each collage is constructed of three component types: photographic, textural, and graphic. They may feature up to three of each of these elements.

Identify content themes

Look for themes in the content that can be represented with powerful visual metaphors. Use these themes to select imagery that will best represent the content in a clear and inspiring manner.

Examples include:

  • Digital evolution
  • Speed and nimbleness
  • Global change and future vision

Strike the right chord

After identifying the key content themes, determine the symbols and metaphors to best represent concepts visually.

Consider color, texture, and conceptual components when composing and blending collage.

Our final product

Our final collage imagery should be sophisticated and refined, never amateur, arbitrary, or cliché (for example, using padlocks to represent security). Consider composition and form to bring energy and elegance to the final collage.

Effective collage usage

Samples of illustration in practice show how color and content interact with graphics to elevate key concepts and themes.

Client and event sponsor usage

Use of the Forrester logo and brandmarks is subject to review and approval by the Citations team. See our Citation Policy for more information or contact the Citations team at