Communicating vision and voice through form and function

The following guidelines are for Forrester’s employees and agencies. Using them will ensure consistent experiences across all touchpoints and strengthen Forrester’s brand value.

For usage of the Forrester brand by Forrester clients, please refer to our Citation Policy.

Our primary typeface delivers with clarity

Proxima Nova (2005) bridges the gap between classic typefaces like Futura and Akzidenz Grotesk. The result is a hybrid that combines modern proportions with a geometric appearance. Its open counters and apertures and generous proportions aid legibility.

Proxima Nova is available in the following weights for use in print and digital.

Our complementary typeface represents our voice

Ivar is a modern typeface, strongly influenced by the balance and construction of Times New Roman. This connection to classic design provides harmony and counterpoint to the geometry of Proxima Nova. Ivar allows our voice to come through.

Use Ivar Display Regular for direct quotations of Forrester team members or original writing.

Correct usage achieves balance

Text sizes will vary depending on the application. Please refer to the following hierarchy to maintain a level of balance and consistency.

Primary headlines use Proxima Nova Bold.

Subhead styles use Proxima Nova Bold and should be large enough to be scannable.

If needed to summarize salient points in body copy, intro text styles use Proxima Nova Regular.

Body copy uses Proxima Nova Regular and should take the least amount of precedence on the page.

Block quotes use Ivar Display. They are secondary to primary headlines but carry a high level of importance.

Examples of our typefaces in use

Close replacements achieve consistency

Font alternatives should be used when Proxima Nova and Ivar are not available or for instances where programs — such as Microsoft Office applications — may substitute with more universally accessible fonts. In these instances, use Arial for Proxima Nova and Times New Roman for Ivar.

Client and event sponsor usage

Use of the Forrester logo and brandmarks is subject to review and approval by the Citations team. See our Citation Policy for more information or contact the Citations team at citations@forrester.com.