Predictions 2023

Fortune Favours The Bold And Focused
Southeast Asia

In 2023, winning companies will be those that are bold in their quest for customer obsession. By staying focused on advancing their business and technology capabilities, these companies will excel in delivering both business and customer value. In turn, they will also learn to be more adaptive, creative, and resilient — hallmarks of customer obsession.

Watch the session recordings from our Predictions 2023 event on demand to discover the shifting market dynamics that will impact you and your organisation in the year ahead. The key topics discussed at this year’s event include our 2023 predictions for:

  • Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG)
  • Tech Leadership
  • Tech Architecture & Delivery
  • B2B Marketing
  • B2C Marketing
  • Security & Risk

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An introduction

If this is your first time coming across Forrester’s Predictions, check out this 8-minute introduction video where Dane Anderson, Forrester’s SVP for International Research & Product, offered a foretaste of what our 2023 Predictions entail and why they are important to you and your organisation.

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