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Lead transformation with an eye to the future and a plan for resiliency. Start with Forresters insights for technology leaders. Browse our research, tools, and frameworks designed to help you innovate through change with a future fit strategy. 

Don’t wait to innovate

For a lot of firms, the demands of the COVID pandemic became a resiliency test — and the firms that truly exemplified resilience had innovation processes built into their culture. Take a look at how a smart approach to innovation can help you quickly deliver business value.


Accelerate tech innovation through better networks.

Our research reveals a four-tier approach to building a successful innovation network. Access our 17-page report to explore a framework for bringing partners, practices, and platforms together for sustainable tech innovation. 


Discover what the pandemic taught us about innovation.

The past few years have provided numerous lessons about how best to embrace innovation and spread it throughout your organization.

On-Demand Webinar

A tech leader’s guide to sustaining crisis-driven innovation.

Sustain innovation by adopting a crisis-driven mindset. Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how. 


Don’t let a crisis waste innovation opportunity.

What can we learn from the new adaptive and creative habits that emerged during the pandemic, and how can we apply them moving forward?


Be inspired by real-life examples to innovate with technology.

See how the pandemic sparked innovation, illustrated by stories of real-life successes.


You can drive innovation and resilience with your tech strategy.

Examine the key differentiators that make some firms more resilient in a crisis.

Explore best practices for innovation

You know that the time is right to innovate, but what’s the best approach? Discover practical insights and advice for fueling innovation in your organization.

On-demand Webinar

Learn what it will take to be adaptive and resilient.

Discover the key trends that will impact tech strategy decision-making in EMEA, and learn how to prepare for systemic risk.


Five proven practices for innovating under pressure.

Innovation always requires creativity and action. But it takes more to innovate when disruption rules.


See how one company is transforming to drive innovation.

Bosch is placing cultural change at the center of digital transformation to strengthen its innovation capabilities. Find out more.


Understand the “why” and “how” of co-innovation.

Your company needs you to help drive business outcomes through constant innovation. Discover why your partners could be the key to your success.


Learn from Amazon’s example: Embed innovation strategy in your DNA.

You don’t need to have Amazon’s resources to follow their approach and make customer-obsessed innovation part of your culture.


Understand the psychology of crisis-driven innovation.

Set your firm on the path to be resilient against systemic risks by incorporating crisis-driven innovation principles.

Shape your modern tech strategy

After the disruption of the past few years, chances are, you’re looking to evaluate your technology with an eye toward a more volatile future. Our experts offer practical insights and guidance that will help you understand what a flexible, modern tech strategy should look like.


Don’t let pandemic-driven decisions impact your chance to be future fit.

Discover a new technology strategy that will help you lead your organization through coming uncertainty.


Understand “future fit” in five minutes.

What are the benefits of a future fit technology strategy? What does it look like in action? What kinds of tech drive it? This video provides clear answers.

Case Study

See how Standard Chartered Bank avoids digital sameness.

Standard Chartered Bank puts customers first in its tech strategy, avoids digital sameness, and stands out as a digital leader in a crowded market.


What are the key trends that will impact tech decision-making In EMEA?

Discover how the pandemic empowered customers—and understand why you need to prepare your strategy for the next one.


Learn to be more adaptive so you can outperform your competitors.

Learn how being adaptive and employing a future fit tech strategy can help your organization manage uncertainty and systemic risk.

Implement a future fit tech strategy

Ready to deliver a future fit tech strategy that enables adaptivity, creativity and resilience? Here are some resources to get you started.


Transform your IT to deliver a future fit technology strategy.

Today, we can clearly define the four competencies that you need to build out a future fit technology model at your organization.

Explore them.


Learn how to choose tech that delivers business value.

What tech choices do high-growth firms make to fuel growth that’s 300% faster than industry competitors?

Make sustainability part of your strategy

Incorporating sustainability into your technology strategy is not only good for your business operations, but also for improving your employee experience, attracting investments and customers, and even long-term growth strategy. These resources will help you understand how and why.


Seven steps to a successful technology sustainability strategy.

Take a look at Forrester’s Sustainability Maturity Model, and see the five levels that organizations must take to get to a higher level of sustainability maturity.

On-demand Webinar

Learn how to incorporate sustainability into your tech strategy.

Join Forrester experts Abhijit Sunil and Jan Sythoff, for an analysis of how sustainability is intertwined with your organization’s future fit strategy.


Hear how one company is making sustainability work.

Are innovation and sustainability mutually exclusive? Not for tech firm, Akamai. Find out how they are driving innovation while meeting ambitious sustainability goals.


Will technology save the planet or destroy it?

Explore the dual roles of emerging technologies in sustainability.


Understand the ROI of sustainability.

Learn why sustainability initiatives are no longer just a “nice to have”—and how sustainability can fit into your business strategy.

Get the guide.


Where are APAC firms on the journey to sustainability?

While most firms acknowledge the need to undertake climate action and improve sustainability performance, APAC firms remain divided on what processes to implement and how to implement them.

Forrester Decisions for Technology Executives

Forrester’s new research portfolio helps leaders execute a future fit strategy that empowers the business to stay ahead of disruption and risk, capitalize on new opportunities, and grow faster than the competition.


Introducing Forrester Decisions for Technology Executives.

Hear VP and Senior Research Director Matt Guarini describe how Forrester Decisions will help you become future fit.


Take a closer look at Forrester Decisions.

Through close integration of bold vision, curated tools and frameworks, and hands-on guidance, Forrester Decisions for Technology Executives will help you define and execute a future fit tech strategy.


Trust the technology experts the industry turns to.

Leading tech pubs turn to Forrester analysts for informed guidance on tech trends and IT strategies.


Find out what our clients have to say.

Our clients say working with Forrester is different.

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