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Accelerate growth with a technology strategy fit for the future.

Your organization wants to be customer obsessed; it’s a sure path to growth. You can lead that effort with a future fit technology strategy that will give your organization the adaptivity, creativity, and resilience you need to succeed in a world of constant change.

Customer obsession is driven by tech. Is yours ready?


Is your IT operating model making your firm less competitive?

Is Your IT Operating Model A Speed Bump In Waiting?


Learn how to drive organizational success with your IT model

Put customers at the center of your next IT operating model


Customer obsession is driven by tech. Is yours ready?

Build a technology strategy to win, serve, and keep customers.


We’re in a new world. You need a new tech strategy to win in it.

Future Fit Technology: The CIO’s New Path Forward

See the future and gain a competitive advantage for 2022

Discover 12 trends our research reveals will matter most next year. Download our Predictions 2022 Guide.


Finally, there’s a blueprint for a real IT-business partnership

A future fit technology strategy delivers a model for shared accountability between you and the C-suite.


Learn to be more adaptive so you can outperform your competitors

Adaptive Firms Outperform The Competition

Constant change requires a more adaptive tech strategy.

Learn why future fit is the right approach.


Learn why you must be adaptive to stay a step ahead of constant change

Watch this on-demand webinar. Discover how to reliably grow faster than competitors who aren’t adaptive.


Read this blog and see how to grow 2.8x faster than your competitors

Post-Pandemic, The 2020s Will Require A New Enterprise Tech Strategy


Learn how to drive innovation and resilience with your tech strategy

How Innovation Can Make Your Firm More Resilient


Build a technology strategy to flourish in ongoing disruption

If you think the last two years were a challenge, just wait.


Wondering what to do about technical debt? You should hear this.

Is the big push to digital transformation the end of technical debt? In this episode, VP and Principal Analyst Brian Hopkins discusses the issue in light of pandemic-driven, digital trends.

Don’t Let Pandemic-Driven Tech Decisions Impact Your Opportunity To Be Future Fit

After a period of scrambling many technology leaders are looking to get their technology strategy more future fit. Here's how you can do it.

Accelerate your ability to adapt with a future fit technology strategy

See why leading firms have been using a future fit technology strategy.


Reimagine “people-process-tech” for technology strategy success

Platforms, practices, and partnerships are the new pillars of enterprise tech.


In 5 minutes: the concept and value of a future fit technology strategy

Discover the benefits of a future fit technology strategy. Learn what it looks like in action and how you build it.


Four competencies to help you move to a future fit technology strategy

Four competencies to help you move to a future fit technology strategy


Discover how to use emerging tech in a future fit technology strategy

Watch this to spark your thinking about the role of emerging tech in creating your future fit technology strategy.

Case Study

How Standard Chartered Bank avoids digital sameness

A case study in successful, ongoing digital transformation.


Sources you trust for technology insight trust Forrester to deliver it

Leading tech pubs turn to Forrester analysts for informed guidance on tech trends and IT strategies.

The Forrester difference? Clients say it’s a sense of partnership

Read why our clients say working with Forrester is different


Discover a better partnership with your analyst firm


Forrester Decisions: a simplified service for a complex world

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