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Get 15 innovation lessons learned by tech leaders during the pandemic.

Discover how leading firms were able to drive continuous innovation under ongoing pandemic pressure.

Read What The Pandemic Taught Us About Innovation.


How to innovate under pressure: Five practices proven during the pandemic

Discover what the pandemic revealed about sustaining innovation during crises.

Amazon uses this powerful practice to put customers first. So can you.

Discover how Amazon makes innovation part of its DNA

Seven new ways to drive even more business value through your tech strategy

Discover new ways to define, apply, and accelerate your technology’s business value.


Fifteen innovation lessons for tech leaders from the pandemic

Discover how to build and maintain a culture that delivers innovation under any circumstances.


Is your IT operating model making your firm less competitive?

If you can’t adapt quickly to new customer needs, neither can your firm. Learn how to make IT more adaptive.


Learn how to drive organizational success with your IT model

Put customers at the center of your next IT operating model and see your organization thrive.


Customer obsession is driven by tech. Is yours ready?

Your legacy tech can’t deliver flawless digital customer experiences. That’s a problem. Learn how to fix it.


We’re in a new world. You need a new tech strategy to win in it.

What is future fit technology? How does it enable companies to thrive? Find out.

See the future and gain a competitive advantage for 2022

Discover 12 trends our research reveals will matter most this year. Download our Predictions 2022 Guide.


Finally, there’s a blueprint for a real IT-business partnership

A future fit technology strategy delivers a model for shared accountability. Get the details in our guide.


Learn to be more adaptive so you can outperform your competitors

Read this blog to discover three actions you can take to deliver the speed and adaptivity your firm needs.

Constant change requires a more adaptive tech strategy.

Learn why future fit is the right approach.


Learn why you must be adaptive to stay a step ahead of constant change

Why does adaptivity matter so much? What does it mean to be adaptive? What does it look like in action?


To elevate your ability to solve business problems, elevate partnerships

Tech must support innovation to show value. Your partners can help.

The business wants you to innovate. The right partners could be the key to success

Innovation strategy insight: The Why And How of Co-Innovation

Discover the strong link between diversity and innovation

Learn how more diversity can make your tech team more innovative and successful.

Read this blog and see how to grow 2.8x faster than your competitors

Discover what tech leaders know about the value of being resilient, adaptive, and creative.


Learn how to drive innovation and resilience with your tech strategy

We’re living in an ongoing resilience test. Who is passing? What made them different from you? Find out. Read this post.


Build a technology strategy to flourish in ongoing disruption

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Wondering what to do about technical debt? You should hear this.

Digital transformation is accelerating. Is this the end of technical debt? Find out. Listen to this podcast.

Don’t Let Pandemic-Driven Tech Decisions Impact Your Opportunity To Be Future Fit

Some tech leaders are speeding ahead with digital transformation. Have you been in survival mode instead? Read this post. 

Be inspired by real-life examples to innovate with technology

Learn from tech leaders who used the pandemic to focus on innovation and help their organizations succeed.


Reimagine “people-process-tech” for technology strategy success

Watch this webinar. Learn how a future fit strategy will make you more adaptive, creative, and resilient.


In 5 minutes: the concept and value of a future fit technology strategy

Discover the benefits of a future fit technology strategy. Learn what it looks like in action and how you build it.


Four competencies to help you move to a future fit technology strategy

In this guide, we share 16 specific actions you can start taking to chart your path to being future fit.


Discover how to make new tech decisions that consistently fuel growth

With this process, you can reliably choose new and emerging tech that will deliver critical business value.

Case Study

How Standard Chartered Bank avoids digital sameness

With a tech strategy that puts customers first, Standard Chartered Bank stands apart in a crowded market.


Sources you trust for technology insight trust Forrester to deliver it

Leading tech pubs turn to Forrester analysts for informed guidance on tech trends and IT strategies.


The Forrester difference? Clients say it’s a sense of partnership

When it comes to tech strategy, you need a partner from vision to execution. You get that with Forrester.


Discover a better partnership with your analyst firm


Forrester Decisions: a simplified service for a complex world

Hundreds of tech execs told us what they need from a research partner. We built Forrester Decisions to answer those needs.