How To Design Experiences That Drive Loyalty

Learn how to create experiences that meet the needs of the people you aim to serve

The connection between great design and great customer experience is undeniable. Use these blogs, podcasts, and other research-based resources to understand how (and why) CX leaders should drive the creation of a design system that enables customer-centric design across your entire organization.


You Need A Design System — Here’s Why

Our research shows that the best organizations use a design system to streamline and scale experience design (XD). Learn the benefits of a design system.

If you want to deliver consistently great CX, use a design system

Learn how to end rogue design, get to market faster with better CX, address digital accessibility, and more.


What Is Design Debt?

What is design debt? Principal Analyst Andrew Hogan joins What It Means in advance of his talk at CX North America to discuss this hidden problem and how addressing it strengthens customer experiences.

Get Good At Design — It’s A Wide-Open Path To Growth

Business results are increasingly tied to digital design excellence. Why is this happening? These three trends are pushing digital design to the forefront.

Don’t miss these four key trends in digital CX and design

Digital interactions are the norm, and digital CX and design is evolving quickly. Know what’s happening.


Want to create better digital experiences? Get better research inputs


Solve Customer Mysteries By Uniting Quant & Qual

Quantitative data science and qualitative design research deliver richer, more accurate customer insights by working together. VP and Principal Analyst Brandon Purcell joins What It Means to discuss how blending these two types of research can solve customer mysteries.

Assess your design system readiness with this straight forward checklist

Know what it takes to build an effective design system, and whether your system has the right stuff.


Watch this and learn why CX should lead on digital accessibility

Digital accessibility isn’t about compliance. It’s about customer experience for 1 billion people with disabilities and $1.2 trillion in disposable income.


Share this simple tool to help your team design and deliver better CX

Put customers first to design great CX. Use these questions to help your team be more customer centric.


Unlock the secret to designing a better chatbot

Want better chatbots? Pay more attention to design. That’s the lesson revealed in Design Better Chatbots.


Five steps to get people to really use your new digital experiences

Look at this infographic for five steps you can take now to build digital experiences customers embrace.


Words Matter: Inclusive Experiences Start With Inclusive Language

Are you creating inclusive experiences for your customers? Many companies aren’t. For example, here’s a sampling of what we heard when we evaluated typical approaches to collecting personal information from consumers: “There is no open box to identify yourself. Ticking ‘other’ is alienating; therefore, if I didn’t identify as male or female, I wouldn’t feel […]

How to avoid the  number one  mistake in customer experience design


Forrester Decisions: A simplified service for a complex world

Hundreds of CX leaders told us what they need from a research partner. Forrester Decisions meets those needs.