Brandon Purcell, VP, Principal Analyst

Show Notes:

The pandemic has caused whipsaw changes in customer behavior. To quote a hackneyed phrase, now more than ever, companies need to increase the breadth and depth of their customer understanding. This means having up-to-date answers to questions such as “Who are my best customers?” or “What does ‘best’ actually mean?”

In this episode of What It Means, Vice President and Principal Analyst Brandon Purcell explains why the often-overlooked discipline of design research is critical to customer insights efforts. Simply put: Customers aren’t numbers. By over-indexing on the ones and zeros of quantitative data, companies end up lacking critical context.

It’s no surprise, Purcell explains, that companies prefer investing in quantitative methodologies over qualitative. Numbers are clean. Showing ROI and meeting KPIs is easier. If you successfully bring data scientists and design researchers together, however, the business results will speak for themselves.

Listen to the full episode to get tips on how to unite quantitative and qualitative research methodologies for stronger customer understanding. Forrester clients can use the periodic table of insights to determine the right mix of insights techniques for any given challenge.

If you want to hear more on these topics, be sure to check out the agendas for our upcoming events, CX EMEA and Data Strategy & Insights, where Purcell will be presenting sessions.