May 11 – 12  |  Live Virtual Experience

VIP Program

For Qualified Senior Leaders

Qualified senior CX and Marketing leaders will enjoy exclusive access to analysts, peer networking opportunities and tailored content for senior decision-makers at Forrester’s CX APAC 2021 Forum.

Designed to maximize interaction opportunities with peers while engaging in the entire Forrester event experience, the VIP program features an education sessions and facilitated discussion available exclusively to VIPs.

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Tuesday, May 11

3:10 pm – 3:40 pm AEST
Executive Roundtable: The Future of Work

​Join this facilitated roundtable with Forrester Principal Analyst, Sam Higgins, to collaborate with peers on identifying emerging tactics for preparing your organization for the future of work as we continue our journey through and out of the pandemic and in line with the rise of automation and intelligent technologies.

Moderated by: Sam Higgins, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Wednesday, May 12

12:45 – 1:05 pm AEST
Executive Panel: Pan-Pacific C-Suite Priorities

​In this private panel discussion, Forrester’s Amit Bhatia, Tom Mouhsian and Riccardo Pasto reveal the common CX, marketing, technology, organizational and cultural themes and executive priorities they collaborate with c-suite leaders on across Australia, India and Singapore. Attend this session for validation.

Panelists: Amit Bhatia, Senior Analyst, Forrester; Tom Moushian, Principal Analyst, Forrester; Riccardo Pasto, Principal Analyst, Forrester



Inclusion And The Math Of Equity

What does inclusion mean and what are the implications if we truly want to be an equitable organization? Schindler’s Inclusion Scale explains how inclusion relates to tolerance, equality, empathy and equity. The session reveals the surprisingly radical implications of equity based on a mathematical model.

Speaker: Eric Way, Global Head of Inclusion, Diversity and CSR, Schindler Group

Tuesday, May 11

2:00-2:20 pm AEST
Panel: Shining The Light On Diversity & Inclusion In Asia Pacific

The business case for diversity is no longer up for debate in most geographies, with data showing that a diverse workforce brings benefits in terms of innovation, the ability to connect with customers and overall engagement. Yet there are still some parts of the world where even the terms diversity and inclusion are new age concepts. Take Asia Pacific as an example where cultural norms in certain geographies can appear as discriminatory practices in others. Join prominent Forrester analysts across Asia Pacific as they discuss the D&I issues unique to APAC, and how organizations can respect those cultural norms without rewarding discriminatory behavior.

Panelists: Rania Makriyiannis, Principal Consultant, Forrester; Jinan Budge, Principal Analyst, Forrester; Vasu Srinivasan, Senior Analyst, Forrester & Sam Higgins, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Wednesday, May 12

1:45-2:05 pm AEST
A New Society Has Arrived. Is Your Company Ready To Embrace It?

Conversations about race and gender and the imperative for fairness and equality have reached a crescendo. It is urgent that companies address these social vectors head-on. Getting it right means moving beyond knee-jerk action to tackle systemic change. In this session, we will explore the challenges ahead and outline a framework to rethink relationships with stakeholders — employees, partners, customers, and the community — in light of a new social reality.

Speaker: Dipanjan Chatterjee, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Forrester Offerings

CX Certification

CX Certification Live:  Sharpen Your CX Measurement & Metrics

Without a strong measurement program, CX efforts will struggle to demonstrate impact and win funding. In this session, learn the key steps to establishing your measurement program including how to set future targets, identify quick wins, and tools and processes to share CX measurement insights. By attending, you’ll also get a jump start earning your Mastering CX certification.

Speakers: Vikram Seghal, VP, Product Strategy, APAC, Forrester; Maxie Schmidt, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester


Tuesday, May 11 | 12:55-1:15 pm AEST
Start Today: A Practical Framework For Using Instant Feedback To Power Real-Time CX

Lag time in customer feedback won’t cut it. Market conditions and customer sentiments move too fast for an outdated customer feedback system that takes weeks or months to go from collection to insights. Join Steve Peltzman, Forrester’s chief business technology officer and head of FeedbackNow, as he offers a practical, actionable framework for implementing real-time CX operations at your organization. Plus, get an overview of some of the technologies that can help you revolutionize your customer experiences.

Speaker: Steve Peltzman, Chief Business Technology Officer & Head of FeedbackNow, Forrester

Bring Your Team

“If you want to go fast, travel alone. If you want to go far, travel together.” That’s a favorite saying of one of our CX Team colleagues, and it embodies a key message of this year’s event: marketing, sales, and product work best when they work together. It also embodies the fact that you’ll get more out of CX APAC if you come as a team. Consider…

SUCCESS is a team sport. A unified approach that includes all your marketing functions will increase the odds that your initiatives succeed.

30+ ANALYSTS will be available to talk with you, 1-1. Bring more people, multiply your face time, and let everyone talk directly with our analysts.

DIVERSE AGENDA just like your team is. You’ve got a lot on your plate. The CX APAC program covers it all. Attend with your team and absorb more.

SAVE MONEY For every four colleagues, the fifth attends CX APAC free.

Take another look at the agenda today. Browse some sessions you think would interest your team. See for yourself why it really is smarter to “travel together” when you come to this year’s CX APAC Event.