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Forrester’s Top 10 Emerging Technologies For 2024: GenAI, TuringBots, And IoT Security Poised To Deliver The Fastest ROI

June 25, 2024
The rapid acceleration of AI innovation has sparked a surge in advancement in other emerging technologies  CAMBRIDGE, Mass., June 25, 2024 — According to Forrester’s (Nasdaq: FORR) The Top 10 Emerging Technologies In 2024 report, generative AI (genAI) for visual content, genAI for language, TuringBots, and IoT security are the top emerging technologies that will [...]
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Forrester’s 2024 Canada Customer Experience Index: Canadian Brands’ CX Quality Hits Its Lowest Point

June 18, 2024
Nearly 60% of brands in the region see a decline in CX quality over the past year  NASHVILLE, Tenn., and CAMBRIDGE, Mass., June 18, 2024 — Forrester’s (Nasdaq: FORR) Canada Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) rankings reveal that the average CX quality among Canadian brands has fallen to its lowest point following a second consecutive [...]
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Forrester’s 2024 US Customer Experience Index: Brands’ CX Quality Is At An All-Time Low

June 17, 2024
Only 3% of companies are currently customer-obsessed and put their customers’ needs front and center  NASHVILLE, Tenn., and CAMBRIDGE, Mass., June 17, 2024 — According to Forrester’s (Nasdaq: FORR) US Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) rankings, CX quality among brands in the US sits at an all-time low after declining for an unprecedented third year [...]
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Forrester: APAC Tech Spend To Grow 7% Annually, Reaching US $876 Billion In 2027

June 11, 2024
Spending in AI-augmented software and services will outpace other IT categories SINGAPORE, June 11, 2024 —Forrester’s (Nasdaq: FORR) Asia Pacific Tech Market Forecast, 2023 To 2027 reveals that technology spending in Asia Pacific (APAC) ) will remain robust and grow by a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6.4% to 7.4% per year from 2024 [...]

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Media Alert

Forrester: US Agencies Are Currently Leading Generative AI Adoption

June 17, 2024
According to Forrester’s report, The State Of Generative AI Inside US Agencies, 2024, agencies that embrace genAI will better serve brands, keep up with competitors, and support employee creativity.  Forrester finds that US agencies lead the field in terms of genAI adoption: more than 60% of decision-makers report that their agency is already using genAI, [...]
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Forrester’s 2024 Australia CX Index: Overall CX Quality In Australia Continues To Decline

June 4, 2024
According to Forrester’s 2024 Australia Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) Rankings, unveiled at the 2024 CX Summit APAC, the CX quality of most brands and agencies included in the study either flatlined or declined.  Based on a survey of more than 8,900 adults in Australia, Forrester’s Australia CX Index benchmarks the customer experience quality of [...]
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Forrester: Global IT Service Industry Spend Will Reach $2 Trillion By 2028

May 2, 2024
According to Forrester’s ‘Global IT Services Market Forecast 2023-2028’, global IT service industry spend will reach $2 trillion in 2028. However, despite forecasted growth, IT service firms will face several challenges in the next few years.   Key findings include:  Growth will be substantial, with the IT service industry averaging 4.6% annual growth. Growth will be [...]
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Forrester: Global Business Buyers Rank Competence, Consistency, And Dependability As Their Top Trust Levers

January 8, 2024
Forrester’s report, The State Of Global Business Buyer Trust In 2024, reveals that strong trust in an organization is essential and often determines purchase intent. However, business leaders often struggle to understand how to create trust and how it influences the buying decision process. Forrester identifies seven levers of trust: accountability, competency, consistency, dependability, empathy, [...]

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Media Coverage

BBC – Amazon At 30: What Next For ‘The Everything Company’?

July 5, 2024
BBC: VP, Principal Analyst Sucharita Kodali offers perspective about recent initiatives coming out of Amazon — and how they could fare going forward — as the company celebrates its 30th anniversary. Read the full article here. Read more from Sucharita here.
Media Coverage

TechRepublic – Tech Leaders: 5 Steps To Ensure Superior Alignment With Your Business And IT Strategies

July 5, 2024
TechRepublic: Principal Analyst Chuck Gahun authors a byline for this tech publication outlining five key steps tech leaders should take to ensure superior alignment with their business and IT strategies. Read the full article here. Read more from Chuck here.
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The Guardian – Can AI Boom Drive Nvidia To A $4tn Valuation Despite Investor Doubt?

July 2, 2024
The Guardian: Senior Analyst Alvin Nguyen reveals that only the collapse of the genAI market will prevent Nvidia from ultimately reaching a $4 trillion valuation. He further outlines factors that could impact this upward valuation trajectory. Read the full article here. Read more from Alvin here.
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The Agile Brand Podcast – #543: Better Together: CX + Digital + Marketing With AJ Joplin, Forrester

July 1, 2024
The Agile Brand Podcast: Senior Analyst AJ Joplin joins this podcast at Forrester’s CX Summit North America to discuss why alignment between customer experience, digital experience, and marketing teams is crucial to both benefit customers and boost growth. Listen to the full podcast here. Read more from AJ here.

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