Leading change requires vision, a well-honed strategy, and flawless execution. Forrester’s certification courses provide the skills and confidence necessary for teams to execute on their strategic outcomes using Forrester’s research-based best practices for strategic leadership skills as well as customer experience (CX), B2B marketing, technology (security and risk), and more. Your staff will gain alignment and understanding so that teams can move faster together.

Transform Your Business

Forrester provides certification courses as a component of its research services to help deepen your team members’ understanding of the research and accelerate their work. Course access is available through Forrester Decisions services, with additional cohort-based team access available every month. Customized enterprisewide transformation programs are also available.

Gain Alignment

Align staff around a common language, toolkit, and way of working to facilitate faster execution on your strategic vision. Create a shared understanding and mindset across teams and throughout the organization to solidify transformational change.

Grow Skills

Learn and apply Forrester’s approach to customer obsession, CX, B2B marketing, technology, and more. Grounded in research-based best practices, Forrester certification courses provide hands-on exercises and practical tools so that you’ll know how to apply Forrester’s research to advance your priorities.

Keep Learning

Revisit key concepts even after you finish a course. When you participate in a course as part of your Forrester Decisions subscription, you maintain access to all the different chapters and learning materials, including short videos, podcasts, and mini case studies.


9 certification courses available through Forrester Decisions, with more being added on a regular basis


64 countries represented


5,400-plus course participants

A Unique Approach To Unique Topics

Forrester offers certification courses for topics backed by decades of expertise and world-class research. Complex content is made accessible by a unique microlearning approach leveraging bite-sized learning sessions so you can absorb quickly and put it into practice immediately.

Our dynamic certification experience is all online and mobile-ready, to fit with your schedule and goals.

We now have a much more robust framework to drive change and accelerate our CX Transformation Journey.

—CX Foundations graduate

Empowering Confident Execution

Participants report that their confidence in leading change initiatives doubles after certification. (0:56)

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Forrester certification courses provide a simple and straightforward way for leaders and team members to deepen their understanding of Forrester’s research concepts. Courses cover decades of research in key business concepts such as customer obsession, CX, B2B marketing, technology topics (security and risk), and more. Forrester certification courses empower teams and leaders to align their organization so they can move faster together. Relevant courses are included in Forrester Decisions and Forrester Market Insights services.

Teams are encouraged to participate together for increased collaboration and discussion opportunities, although each individual must submit their own work and pass the exam to receive certification.

Forrester also provides customized programs for enterprisewide implementation.

Custom Programs For Enterprisewide Implementation
CX Essentials is a custom learning program tailored to your organization’s CX transformation objectives. The short 1–3 hour programs are designed to mobilize an enterprisewide audience around your CX vision.

Certification courses are all-online, self-paced, and mobile-friendly to support microlearning that you can apply immediately. Curated and taught by Forrester analysts, the courses primarily use short-format video, but you’ll also stay engaged through podcasts, webinars, and short case studies. This combination of interactive media, peer/social discussion forums, and hands-on exercises creates a dynamic learning experience that is fun and effective.

Each course typically includes six competency-based, self-paced chapters that participants have 60 days to complete.

Relevant course access is available on an ongoing basis as part of Forrester Decisions. Leaders and team members can engage with relevant course chapters on an as-needed basis and/or take the course from start to finish. In order to achieve certification and earn a certification badge, learners must also take and pass an open-book final exam.

To support additional team members’ understanding of key Forrester concepts, there are three further ways to complete a certification course:

  • Join a cohort of learners from across organizations, industries, and geographies at specific start dates.
  • Gather staff from your organization and set your own start date in a private course.
  • Use our research-based lessons with examples and exercises specific to your organization to create a custom program.
  • Get more information about a private course or custom program.

Get more information about a private course or custom program.

Certification courses start on a regular basis. Many occur every month. See each discipline page (Strategic Leadership Skills, CX, B2B Marketing, Technology) for exact dates. Customized enterprisewide implementations are specific to your organization, can happen at any time, and are ongoing.

Course Calendar

Certification course content draws from published Forrester Research and the expertise of Forrester analysts. As this research evolves and expands over time, Forrester evolves the course curriculum and content to reflect our latest insights on proven approaches.

In fact, courses are being updated in 2021 to do exactly that. Here’s how the courses are evolving:

Current Courses Available Through July 2021 Refreshed Course And Name In August 2021
CX Foundations​ Replaced by Mastering Customer Experience​
CX Management​ Retiring. Select content covered in

If you’ve taken one of these Forrester courses that is evolving, all the great lessons you learned are still valid. You are still certified for those skills and knowledge — it’s simply the organizing framework that is being updated.

There are no specific time commitments or live attendance requirements. You set your own schedule. For teams of 20 or more, Forrester offers optional live kickoff sessions, specialized workshop sessions, and facilitated discussions to enhance understanding and help accelerate implementation of the concepts presented.

Our certification learners report spending 1–3 hours per chapter for a total of 6–18 hours per course. We recommend a pace of roughly one chapter per week, although individual learning styles and times vary. Courses use a dynamic microlearning format that was designed with adult learning needs in mind and that works with busy schedules. It is a time commitment, but 87% of people who start a Forrester course finish it.

Certification courses provide a grounding in Forrester’s research and approaches and give you deeper insights into how to apply research for your specific situation. With this in mind, you are free to complete only the chapters that solve an immediate business need and maintain access to this information on an ongoing basis through Forrester Decisions.

To earn certification and receive a Forrester badge, you must:

  • Enroll in a specific monthly cohort.
  • Complete all chapters within the course experience (even if you’ve previously accessed chapters on an as-needed basis).
  • Pass the certification exam at the end.
  • Note: The exam is open-book and untimed.

Upon course completion and verification, you’ll receive a signed digital certificate, badge, and suggested email signature addition to recognize your achievement. Post your digital badge to professional social networking sites to showcase your credentials.

See Alumni Badges

Yes, Workforce Certification is available. If 100 or more of your staff are certified with Forrester, you can showcase this milestone of your organization’s commitment to industry best practices and professional development.

Please contact your Forrester representative to discuss how to promote your workforce certification achievement.

Currently, you have the option to pursue CPE/CEU credits with the Adopting Zero Trust course. This course takes an average of 6–18 hours to complete; total time to complete varies by individual learner. Learners of complementary certifications may be able to claim CPE credit for time spent obtaining their Forrester certification in this area. Forrester advises 6–18 hours as the minimum CPE hours for certification earners; learners may be able to report additional self-study hours.

Please let us know if you’re interested in CPE/CEU credits for additional Forrester Certification courses.

B2B Marketing Certification

Lay the foundation for best-in-class marketing strategies that will help your organization grow.

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