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Citation Policy

Integrity, objectivity, and strict adherence to rigorous research methodologies are core values at Forrester Research, Inc. (“Forrester”).

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Integrity Policy

Forrester is an independent research and advisory firm that produces objective research and analysis for leaders in technology and marketing roles. Integrity is a core value of our company and our brand. Forrester employees may not engage in activities that will compromise — or appear to compromise — the integrity of our research.

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Privacy Policy

Forrester respects your privacy. The ways in which we collect and use data from use of our website and certain other interactions with our clients are listed below.

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Media Citation Policy

All information provided by Forrester Research, Inc. (“Forrester”), in any form (“Information”), is proprietary information that belongs to Forrester and is protected by US and international copyright law and conventions.

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Forrester Wave™ Vendor Review Policy

The Forrester Wave is designed to be a collaborative process between research teams and vendor companies — a process that provides opportunities for dialogue and review prior to the publication of a Forrester Wave.

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Forrester Wave™ Vendor Participation Policy

Vendors are generally eager to participate in Forrester Wave evaluations — they are some of our most widely read documents and Forrester clients use these valuable reports to help inform their purchasing decisions.

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Contractor Licensing Policy

Forrester licenses — and the benefits they provide — are intended for employees of Forrester’s client organizations. However, Forrester recognizes that there are situations in which clients would like a third-party consultant or independent contractor to engage with Forrester on their behalf.

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Refund Policy

If you purchased an individual research document or Webinar and are not completely satisfied, please notify us within 24 hours of your purchase for a full refund.

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Recording Guidelines

Forrester clients and non-clients periodically ask to record sessions with Forrester employees. These guidelines indicate Forrester’s position regarding such requests.

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UK Modern Slavery Act Statement


CX Index Methodology

Forrester’s Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) is designed to measure the quality of customer experiences, assess customer loyalty, determine which drivers have the biggest influence on customers’ perceptions of CX quality, and provide a CX benchmark.

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Forrester Digital Experience Review

The Forrester Digital Experience Review is Forrester’s expert evaluation of the digital experiences that firms in a particular industry deliver to consumers.

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Landscape Methodology

The Forrester Landscape is designed to help our clients understand, identify, and explore the vendors and services providers that align with their most critical business technology issues.

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Forrester Tech Tide™ Methodology

The Forrester Tech Tide is a report that examines the maturity of an ecosystem of technologies and helps clients make decisions on which technologies to invest in and when.

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Forrester Wave™ Methodology

The Forrester Wave is Forrester’s evaluation of vendors in a software, hardware, or services market, written for the role professionals we serve.

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Thought Leadership Content Methodology

Commissioned Forrester content provides clients with an in-depth study (Thought Leadership Program) or brief (Opportunity Snapshot) that analyzes trends, disruptions, and customer needs in a key market.

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Total Economic Impact Methodology

Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) consulting practice develops business value justification analysis to help organizations understand the financial impact of a technology investment.

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Entire contents © 1997-2022 Forrester Research, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries. All rights reserved. Forrester, Forrester Wave, RoleView, Technographics, TechRankings, and Total Economic Impact are trademarks of Forrester Research, Inc.

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