Catherine Wolf

Director, Customer Experience for Sustainability, Autodesk

Scooby, Velma, Daphne and Augie; these are my girls. Where I live, it’s a necessity to raise chickens. Petaluma, California, the one-time “Egg Capital of the World” is having a renaissance of back-to-the-farm movements spawning a new generation of egg farmers and fuelling a growing demand for healthy, pasture-raised eggs produced by humanely treated chickens, often using organic practices. Tech workers from the city pay $8.00 a dozen for oddly shaped and motley coloured eggs. I’ve always believed that responsible business would be the route to a prosperous, sustainabile future for all. Today I work for Autodesk, a software company with solutions that help companies design and make a better world. The majority of our customers are committed to achieving sustainable development; and I help them figure out how.

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