B2B Summit
North America

May 2 – 4, 2022  |  Austin & Digital Experience

Garth Moulton

Director of Global Data Solutions , Pipl

Mr. Moulton has invested in and advised a number of technology startups and is responsible for driving revenue through the channel and strategic brands for Pipl, Inc.  After 11 years of tech sales experience in the Bay Area, he had the perfect startup journey with Jigsaw.com, which grew from “two guys and a whiteboard” to a $175MM exit in 2010 to Salesforce.com.  Mr. Moulton ran sales, business development, client support and the customer community for Jigsaw.com.  In between Jigsaw (2010)  and Pipl (joined in 2015), he held various C-Level positions and/or founded OtherScreen, CircleBack, Quaero. Mr. Moulton earned a B.A. in History and Economics from Brown University.