B2B Summit
North America

May 2 – 4, 2022  |  Austin & Digital Experience

Walter Rogers

President, Baker Communications

It’s been Walter’s good fortune to have created, led businesses and sold businesses that have operated in 20+ countries on 3 continents. Walter is currently the Chairman and CEO of Baker Communications. Baker Communications is a management consulting firm that helps enterprises create, implement and sustain sales effectiveness projects for companies including Amazon, Stripe, SAP, and many others. Prior to his current role, Walter founded and created successful exit events for three software companies.

(1) CloudChomp: a software company where he was the Chairman and Co-Founder, and that helps organizations programmatically assess cloud migration opportunities. It was acquired by VMware.

(2) Asset Optimization Group: an IT capacity planning software provider also acquired by VMware.

(3) CertiSource: a cloud based transaction management provider serving customers including EDS, HP and Arthur Andersen, ultimately acquired by VerticalNet.

Prior to founding the first company, Walter was Vice President of Asia Pacific Marketing for Marcam, a process ERP Software Company. Throughout his career he has been interviewed on over 100 shows on CNN, CBS and ABC on the topics of Corporate Productivity, Sales and CRM.