North America

June 13 – 15, 2023  |  Nashville & Digital

Content Highlights

CX North America 2023 will bring immersive experiences that provide invaluable insights and actionable advice to drive better business results. During the event, we’ll give you guidance on how to grow your vision, improve your strategy, hone your skills and expand your community. We are excited to offer you:

  • 60+ role-based sessions aligned to your priorities
  • Numerous session formats to meet your learning style including analyst presentations, panel discussions, fireside chats and more
  • Marketplace opportunities to help you find the right solution provider for your CX, marketing, and digital needs
  • Networking opportunities to help you expand your community, meet with Forrester analysts and connect with peers facing similar challenges

Key Topics

  • Customer Analytics
  • Consumer Insights
  • Brand Marketing
  • Organization Structure And Practices
  • Emerging Technology
  • Employee Experience
  • Customer Experiences And Strategy
  • Measurement
  • Leadership
  • Diversity & Inclusion

Track Themes

Leadership During Turbulent Times 
The turbulence of the past three years will not end it will simply evolve from one set of pressures to new ones, including the current economic stress. Leaders primed to succeed in this decade and beyond will not merely navigate the turbulence but steer resolutely ahead using new methods and improved techniques, piloted by an adaptable mindset.

Bold Strategies Perpetuate Success 
Bold strategies that ensure differentiation and secure long-term growth are more important than ever, especially during the most turbulent times. In 2022, as brands began pulling back from pandemic-induced innovation, our CX Index revealed a meaningful decline in CX quality and company growth. In this track, learn how great companies balance critical short-term decisions with long-term strategies to stay ahead of the competition.

CreativityPowered Commerce 
The explosion of commerce platforms, marketplaces, and the capability to make transactions anywhere at any time has transcended from unique to ubiquitous. That makes creativity critical to differentiation yet in these turbulent times, creativity has become endangered. Learn how to evoke, harness, and operationalize creativity with emerging technology to generate demand, deliver value, and exceed customers emotional and functional expectations. 

Customer-Obsessed Marketing 
Amid all sorts of uncertainty, many CMOs are playing it safe in 2023. Companies have overcorrected toward quick marketing hits at the expense of long-term value. But bold CMOs counter this defensiveness by using customer obsession to drive a smart growth strategy and improve the brand experience. This track helps B2C marketing executives focus on the boldest opportunities for business growth by learning the most effective way to evolve, elevate, and embolden your marketing even in uncertain economic times. 

Digital Operations: Harmonize The Total Brand Experience
Technology, whether customer-facing or behind the scenes, powers every aspect of your customer experience. Yet few companies have harmonized their digital capabilities throughout the ecosystem to close the gaps between their digital and physical experiences, nor have they adapted to the velocity required of digital. In this track, learn how to modernize your digital operations to deliver seamless, consistent, on-brand experiences throughout the customer lifecycle.

Data, Insights, And Tech For The Evolving Customer Lifecycle
Data and insights are aplenty. But do they all lead to revenue and profit? Do all your CX, marketing, and digital metrics level up to true business intelligence? Bringing data assets together into one holistic and integrated approach is the key to gaining the business intelligence that leads to real results prioritizing the work, managing resources, and maximizing ROI — ultimately balancing value for the customer and business. 

Our Leadership Focus

Who they are: Chief Customer Officer; Chief Experience Officer; Chief Client Officer; EVP, SVP, and VP of Customer Experience; Director of Customer Experience; VP/Director of Customer Intelligence (CI)

Key Priorities:

  • Establish, Fund, And Scale The CX Function
  • Collect And Analyze Data For Customer Insights
  • Embed Customer Insights Into The Business
  • Design Experiences That Drive Loyalty
  • Enable CX With Technology
  • Measure CX Performance And Prove ROI

Who they are: Chief Marketing Officer; Chief Brand Officer; SVP Marketing & Communications; Regional/Divisional Head/(S)VP of Marketing

Key Priorities:

  • Demonstrate The Business Value Of Marketing
  • Earn Brand Devotion
  • Champion The Customer
  • Lead A High-Performing Team
  • Modernize Marketing Capabilities
  • Select And Optimize Partnerships Innovate Go-To-Market Approaches

Who they are: Head/VP/Director of Digital Strategy; Head/VP/Director of Digital Business; Head/VP/Director of Digital Products & Solutions; Head/VP/Director of Digital Channels; Head/VP/Director of Digital; Head/VP/Director of eCommerce; Head/VP/Director of Omnichannel

Key Priorities:

  • Develop The Digital Strategy
  • Grow The Digital Team
  • Collect And Analyze Data For Customer Insights
  • Power Your Business With Platforms And Partners
  • Design And Develop Digital Products And Experiences
  • Measure The Value Of Digital Products And Experiences
  • Harness Emerging Technologies